There’s just something about holiday films that bring out the best in people. Perhaps it’s the lessons learned from A Christmas Story.

Or maybe it’s the thankfulness you experienced knowing that your parents would never forget you at Christmas unlike Kevin in Home Alone.

So while you prepare for another holiday filled with love and joy, check out our list of the best Christmas movies of all time to make your nights merry and bright. In our list of Best Christmas movies, We’ve included Comedy Christmas movies, romantic Christmas movies, animated Christmas movies, classic Christmas movies, Christmas movies for kids, well some horror Christmas movies if that floats your boat.

Our list also includes Christmas movies with their age rating. G Rated, PG-rated, PG13 rated R rated Christmas movies,

200 Best Christmas Movies of All time

S. NoTitleYearAge RatingIMDB Rating
1.Violent Night2022R7.2
3.The Claus Family2020TV-PG5.5
4.The Claus Family 22021TV-PG5.5
5.The Christmas Chronicles2018PG7.0
6.The Christmas Chronicles 22020PG6.0
7.A boy Called Christmas2021PG6.7
8.Arthur Christmas2011PG7.1
9.Angela’s Christmas2018G7.0
10.Angela’s Christmas Wish2020TV-Y7-FV7.1
11.David and the Elves2021TV-G5.2
12.Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey2020PG6.4
13.48 Christmas Wishes2017TV-G3.9
14.Falling for Christmas2022TV-PG5.6
15.Christmas With You2022TV-PG6.1
16.Christmas on Mistletoe Farm2022TV-Y74.5
17.The Noel Diary2022TV-146.2
18.Action Pack Saves Christmas2022TV-PG4.9
19.Christmas Full of Grace2022TV-144.7
20.Scrooge: A Christmas Carol2022TV-Y76.2
21.How to Ruin Christmas: The Baby Shower2022TV-MA6
22.That Christmas2022PG7.1
23.A Christmas Story Christmas2022PG6.9
24.A Christmas Story1983PG7.9
25.Maple Valley Christmas2022TV-G6.3
26Delivery by Christmas2020TV-MA6.7
27.Christmas Delivery2017TV-MA6.2
28.Lights Camera Christmas2022TV-G6.7
29.The Nightmare Before Christmas1993PG7.9
30.Christmas in London2022TV-PG6.8
31.National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation1989PG-137.5
32.Ghosts of Christmas Always2022TV-G7.9
33.Christmas Bedtime Stories2022TV-G5.2
34.Haul out the Holly2022TV-G6.3
35.Three Wise Men and a Baby2022TV-G7.9
36.In Merry Measure2022TV-G6.7
37.Santa Camp2022TV-MA6.4
38.Santa’s Boot Camp2016N/R3.1
39.Crashing Through The Snow2021TV-G7.1
40.Dancing Through the Snow2021TV-PG5.3
41.Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow2015N/R6.5
42.A Tiny House Christmas20215.8
43.The Christmas Dance20214.7
44.Christmas Freak20216.7
45.A Christmas Gift From Bob20216.3
46.A Castle for Christmas2021TV-G5.5
47.Father Christmas Is Back2021PG-134.5
48.Christmas Vs. The Walters2021PG-134.2
49.A Christmas Prince2017TV-PG5.8
50.Last Christmas2019PG-136.5
51.8-Bit Christmas2021PG6.7
52.Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas2021TV-Y7.3
53.Last Train to Christmas20216.0
541000 Miles from Christmas2021TV-PG5.8
55.A California Christmas: City Lights2021PG-135.5
56.My Dad’s Christmas Date20205.5
57.Snowbound for Christmas2019PG5.3
58.The Fight Before Christmas2021R4.6
59.Christmas at the Ranch20215.4
60.A Clüsterfünke Christmas2021TV-146.2
61.My Favorite Christmas Melody2021TV-PG5.3
62.The Dog Days of Christmas20215.2
63.I Won’t Be Home for Christmas2021  
64.Christmas with the Chosen: The Messengers2021N/R7.7
65.A Naija Christmas2021TV-144.9
66.Four Cousins and A Christmas20213.7
67.Christmas at the Holly Hotel20225.5
68.A Tale of Two Christmases2022TV-G5.6
69.A Storm for Christmas2022TV-MA
70.Christmas with the Campbells20225.4
71.Light Camera Christmas2022TV-G6.8
72.A Magical Christmas Village20226.2
73.Merry Christmas Officer Hansel2022G9.4
74.Catfish Christmas2022
75.Catering Christmas20226.9
76.A Christmas Dance Reunion2021TV-PG6.1
77.Christmas Dance2012N/R6.2
78.Journey to the Last Christmas Dance2017N/R
79.Why the Bears Dance on Christmas Eve1977N/R6.2
80.Christmas Dance2012N/R6.2
81.Christmas in the Caribbean2022PG
82.A Unicorn for Christmas2022PG6.3
83.The Polar Express2004G6.6
84.Santa Claus is Coming to Town1970TV-G7.7
85.A Charlie Brown Christmas1965TV-G8.3
86.A Year Without Santa Claus1974TV-G7.7
87.A Garfield Christmas1987TV-G8.0
88.Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July1979G6.3
89.A Christmas Carol2009PG6.8
90.The Case of the Christmas Diamond20226.4
91.Dognapped: Hound for the Holidays20226.3
92.The Search for Secret Santa20226.3
93.A Prince and Pauper Christmas2022
84.Faith Heist: A Christmas Caper20225.1
95.Unperfect Christmas Wish20215.2
96.Christmas in the Pines2021N/R6.1
97.A Christmas Masquerade19667.5
98.The Christmas Retreat2022 7.4
99.A Tiny Home Christmas20215.7
100.The Picture of Christmas20217.0
102.A Christmas Masquerade20226.2
103. It’s Christmas Again 2022 G 6.8
104.Christmas Lucky Charm20226.3
105Small Town Christmas2018TV-G6.7
106. Christmas on Mistletoe Lake2022 TV-PG 5.5
107.Christmas in the Wilds20215.4
108.Christmas on the Slopes20226.4
109. Christmas In Paradise 2022 PG 3.9
110. Christmas On Repeat 2022 – 5.5
111.A Royal Christmas Match20226.1
112.A Hollywood Christmas2022PG5.0
113. My Christmas Fiancé 2022 – 4.5
114.Sappy Holiday2022
115.A Very Vintage Christmas2019TV-G6.1
116. A Christmas Mystery2022  PG 5.7
117.The Snowball Effect2022
118.Return to Christmas Creek2018TV-G6.1
119.It’s a Wonderful Life1946PG8.6
120.A Christmas Carol2009PG6.8
121.Miracle on 34th Street1994PG6.5
122.A Dream for Christmas2016TV-G6.7
123Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer1964TV-G 8.0
124Babes in Toyland1946PG8.6
125The Holly and the Ivy1952Approved7.3
126Meet Me in St. Louis1944Passed7.5
127Bundle of Joy1956Approved6.0
129Home Alone1990PG7.7
130Bad Santa2003R7.1
131The Night Before2015R6.3
132A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas2011R6.2
133National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation1989PG-137.5
134Almost Christmas2016PG-136.1
135Trading Places1983R7.5
136A Bad Moms Christmas2017R5.6
138Noel Next Door20226.9
139We Wish You a Married Christmas20225.9
140A Kismet Christmas2022TV-G6.5
141A Cozy Christmas Inn2022TV-G6.1
142Jolly Good Christmas1996TV-G7.1
143Lights, Camera, Christmas!2022TV-G6.8
144All Saints Christmas2022TV-G6.0
145In Merry Measure20226.7
146Silent Night, Deadly Night1984R5.8
147Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 21987R3.8
150Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman2000R3.6
151The Gingerdead Man20053.4
152Silent Night, Bloody Night1972R5.3
153The Lodge2019R6.0
155The Boss Baby: Christmas Bonus2022G
156Christmas Evil1980R5.5
15712 Dates of Christmas2011PG6.3
158The Case for Christmas2011G5.9
159Silver Bells2005TV-G6.4
160Prancer Returns20015.7
161Love Actually2003R7.6
162White Christmas19547.5
163 Let It Snow2019PG-135.8
164 While You Were Sleeping1995PG6.7
165Happiest Season2020PG-136.6
166The Knight Before Christmas2019TV-PG5.5
167The Holiday Calendar2018TV-PG5.7
168Christmas in the Smokies2015TV-G5.8
168The Best Man Holiday2003R6.6
172Christmas Bloody Christmas2022TV-MA7.2
173The Muppet Christmas Carol1992G7.7
17412 Dates of Christmas2011PG6.3
175The Sound of Music1965G8.1
176The Nutcracker and the Four Realms2008PG5.5
177Miracle on 34th Street1994PG6.5
179Little Women1994PG7.3
180Tokyo Godfathers2003PG-137.8
181The Homecoming: A Christmas Story1971PG8.3
182A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish2019PG5.2
183A Christmas Horror Story2015N/R5.8
184Every Christmas Has a Story2016TV-G6.0
185A Christmas Love Story2019TV-G6.9
186A Christmas Story 22012PG3.4
187Better Watch Out2016R6.5
188Happiest Season2020PG-136.6
189Anna and the Apocalypse2017R6.0
190A Snow White Christmas1980Unrated5.9
191A Snow White Christmas2008N/R4.9
192Happy Christmas2014R5.4
193How the Grinch Stole Christmas2000PG6.2
194Christmas in Connecticut1945N/R7.4
195Frosty the Snowman1969TV-G7.3
196Black Christmas1974R7.1
197Single All the Way2021TV-G6.1
199Silent Night2021R5.7
200All Through the House2015R4.3
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Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch on Netflix

While everyone knows that the Hallmark Channel’s films reign supreme at this time of year, you don’t have to have cable to enjoy a movie that’ll fill you with the holiday spirit. There are a ton of Christmas movies on Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max.

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