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Sense & Sensibility (2024)

Sense & Sensibility is a comedy-drama film based on the same-name novel by Jane Austen. This marks the first-ever “Sense & Sensibility” adaptation for the Hallmark Channel. The movie is part of their “Love in Bloom” February programming block, focusing on romantic stories. Title Sense & Sensibility Genre Comedy, Drama Release Date February 24, 2024 […]

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CrimeTime: Freefall (2024)

CrimeTime: Freefall is a drama mystery film directed by Stacey N. Harding and written by Arthur Vandalay. CrimeTime: Freefall appears to be Stacey N. Harding’s directorial debut, but she has previously worked as a second assistant director on projects like “Good Witch” and “Mystery 101.” Title CrimeTime: Freefall Genre Crime, mystery, drama Director Stacey N. […]

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Paging Mr. Darcy (2024)

Paging Mr. Darcy Parents Guide: Paging Mr. Darcy is a 2024 Romantic film directed by Peter Wellington and written by Reina Hardy. It stars Mallory Jansen, Will Kemp, and David Pinard in the lead role. It is produced by Hayden Baptiste, Shane Boucher, and Caitlin Delaney and executive produced by Gaylyn Fraiche. The film will […]

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Romance with a Twist (2024)

Romance with a Twist Parent Guide: Romance with a Twist is a 2024 Romantic film directed by Max McGuire and written by Uma Incrocci, casting Jocelyn Hudon, Olivier Renaud, and Candice Lidstone. It is produced by Josie Fitzgerald and executive produced by Andrew C. Erin, Jocelyn Hudon, and Timothy O. Johnson. If you are worried […]

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Love on the Right Course (2024)

Love on the Right Course Parents Guide: Love on the Right Course is a Comedy and Romance film directed by Stefan Scaini and written by Brittany Bristow and Dustin Keating. It stars Ashley Newbrough, Marcus Rosner, and Brittany Bristow in the lead roles and features the story of a Golfer, which will be enjoyed by […]

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Miracle in Bethlehem, PA (2023)

Miracle in Bethlehem PA Parents Guide: Miracle in Bethlehem, PA. is a romantic movie directed by Jeff Beesley and written by Laura Kampo Lennon, which stars Teryl Rothery, Laura Vandervoort, and Amy Groening. This article will provide information about the Miracle in Bethlehem, PA. Parents Guide, Age Ratings, and other details of Miracle in Bethlehem, […]

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Magic in Mistletoe (2023)

Magic in Mistletoe Parents Guide: Magic in Mistletoe is a romantic film directed by Paula Elle and written by Skyy Blair. It stars Robyn Bradley, Paul Campbell, and Thomas Darya in the lead roles. It is a story about an author whose name is Harrington, how he changes after achieving success, and then what happens […]

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Friends & Family Christmas (2023)

Friends & Family Christmas Parents Guide Friends & Family Christmas is a 2023 romance film which is directed by Anne Wheeler and written by Gary Goldstein and Tracy Andreen. It stars Humberly González, Jeremy Hoffman, Ali Liebert. Name Friends & Family Christmas Genre Romance Release Date December 17, 2023 Country United States Language English Distributor […]

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Sealed with a List (2023)

Sealed with a List Parents Guide Sealed with a List is a 2023 romance film directed by Lucie Guest, and the story is written by Melynda Bissmeyer, Emily Ting, and Robin Gadsby. Katie Findlay, Evan Roderick, and Daylin Willis serve as the leading cast, and it is executively produced by Alexandre Coscas, Michael R. Goldstein, […]