Is the Netflix film Atlas OK for Kids?
Is the Netflix film Atlas OK for Kids?
GenreAction, Adventure, Drama
DirectorBrad Peyton
ReleaseMay 24, 2024
CountryUnited States
Age RatingPG-13

Atlas Shepherd (Lopez), a brilliant but misanthropic data analyst with a deep distrust of artificial intelligence, joins a mission to capture a renegade robot with whom she shares a mysterious past.

But when plans go awry, her only hope of saving the future of humanity from AI is to trust it.


Is the Netflix film Atlas OK for Kids?

Can 13-year-old kids watch the film Atlas?

Atlas is not recommended for children under 13 as it has received an MPA rating of PG-13 for solid sci-fi violence, bloody images, and strong language.

Netflix put it under the TV-14 age rating, similar to the PG-13 rating.

Now we can say that the film is not appropriate for younger kids.

Atlas Parents Guide

  • Violence
  • Explosion
  • Blood
  • Strong language

Parents Guide and Age rating is essential because it keeps your kids from unsafe TV programs and movies.

Who is in the cast?

Jennifer LopezUnknown
Sterling K. BrownUnknown
Simu LiuUnknown
Lana ParrillaUnknown
Mark StrongGeneral Boothe
Abraham PopoolaUnknown
Lesley FeraUnknown
Gregory James CohanHard Hitting News Host
Janis AhernUnknown
Alfredo TavaresAmerican News Anchor
Paul GanusAlbin
Charlie HewsonRanger Rodman
Vishesh ChachraNewscaster
Sean BerubeBlack Ops Commander
David EbyBlack Ops
Briella GuizaCenturion
Tracy ToddActress
Robert DobsonCenturion

Official Trailer

Like the synopsis, The first teaser for Atlas doesn’t discuss the relationship between AI or the renegade robot that Lopez’s character has a mysterious past.

Instead, it leaves us with one big question: Who among the people making this movie is a huge fan of Titanfall? (External: Netflix)

ATLAS | Official Teaser | Netflix

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