About Us

We are AgeRatingJuju, the movie lovers. We want everyone to be aware of each movie and TV series’ age rating. Age Rating is the only precautionary notice movie makers can provide to inform parents and viewers about the contents of the movies.

Being aware of the age rating of any movie, tv series or game is a necessity for any guardian, whose child will have to watch them.

In addition to the general age rating mentioned, we also try our level best to discuss the reasons for different age rating fixed.

Moreover, we are not officially any company setting the age rating for any movie or game. We collect the informations from different sources including the internet, official rating company websites and movie websites.

All the aggregated information, aligned in a proper form. So that viewers can get every minute pieces of information they need to be made aware of. Eventually, people do not have to search through any other websites for the parental guidance information.

Feel free to contact us. We are always happy to hear from you.