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Atlas Parents Guide (2024)

Genre Action, Adventure, Drama Director Brad Peyton Release May 24, 2024 Language English Country United States Age Rating PG-13 Platform Netflix Atlas Shepherd (Lopez), a brilliant but misanthropic data analyst with a deep distrust of artificial intelligence, joins a mission to capture a renegade robot with whom she shares a mysterious past. But when plans […]

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Christspiracy (2024)

Christspiracy is a documentary film by Kip Andersen and Kameron Waters. The movie follows Kip Andersen and Kameron Waters as they travel around the world for five years. They visit places like Rome, Jerusalem, Oxford, and India and explore spirituality and its secrets. Title Christspiracy Genre Documentary Director Kip Andersen and Kameron Waters Release Date […]

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Stormy (2024)

Stormy is an original documentary film by Peacockr starring adult film star Stormy Daniels. The movie follows her as she tries to start over and deal with things that happened five years ago, which made her an unexpected American symbol. Title Stormy Genre Documentary Director Sarah Gibson Release Date March 18, 2024 Language English Country […]

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The Wild Robot (2024)

The Wild Robot is an upcoming animated film based on the children’s book series of the same name by Peter Brown. The film is directed by Chris Sanders, who is also known for “How to Train Your Dragon” and “Lilo & Stitch”. Here’s what you need to know about: Title The Wild Robot Genre Animation, […]

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Blood for Dust (2023)

Blood for Dust is a 2023 American crime thriller film written and directed by Rod Blackhurs. Title Blood for Dust Genre Action, Crime, Thriller Director Rod Blackhurst Release Date April 19, 2024 Runtime 1h 38m Country United States Language English Distributors 101 Films, California Filmes, and more… Blood for Dust Parents Guide What is it […]

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The Idea of You (2024)

The Idea of You is Prime Video’s upcoming romantic drama film based on the 2017 romance novel by Robinne Lee. The film is directed by Michael Showalter and produced by Cathy Schulman, Gabrielle Union, and more. Title The Idea of You Genre Drama, Romance Director Michael Showalter Release Date May 2, 2024 Runtime 1h 55m […]

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Parasyte: The Grey (2024)

Parasyte: The Grey is an upcoming Netflix horror K-drama directed by Yeong Sang-ho, known for hits like “Hellbound” and “Train to Busan.” Based on Hitoshi Iwaaki’s “Parasyte” manga, originally published between 1988 and 1995. The series follows the story of Jeong Su-in, played by Jeon So-nee, and Seol Kang-woo, portrayed by Koo Kyo-hwan. Title Parasyte: […]

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Sing Sing (2023)

Sing Sing is a 2024 drama film directed by Greg Kwedar and written by Clint Bentley, Brent Buell, and Greg Kwedar. The real-life rehabilitation inspired the movie Sing Sing Through the Arts (RTA) program at Sing Sing Maximum Security Prison. Sing Sing is set for the July 2024 Release by A24 After Toronto International Film […]

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Testament: The Story of Moses (2024)

Testament: The Story of Moses is a three-part Netflix docudrama series directed by Benjamin Ross. Executive producers are Emre Sahin, Kelly McPherson, Sarah Wetherbee, Fikret Manoglu, Brian Nelson, and Sam Anzel. The show mixes acting with real interviews. It includes famous stories from religious texts like the Bible, the Qur’an, and the Torah. Title Testament: […]

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South of Hope Street (2024)

South of Hope Street is a sci-fi film written and directed by Jane Spencer. The film is set in 2038 and follows the story of a woman named Denise who must find hope in a dystopian world. Title South of Hope Street Genre Sci-Fi Director Jane Spencer Release Date April 18, 2024 Runtime 1h 35m […]