Best G rated Christmas Movies on Netflix
Best G rated Christmas Movies on Netflix

Best G-Rated Christmas Movies on Netflix

The movie industry is filled with movies for all age groups. It has something in the store for every kind of audience to watch. Since it has content for every kind of audience, in this list, you will see information regarding the Best G-rated Christmas Movies on Netflix.

What is G rated?

 In terms of the Motion Pictures Association, G stands for General audience. The movie falls in the G-rating category and is suitable for the general audience. It has nothing in terms of sex, nudity, language, or violence that could disturb the general audience watching it. They are suitable for every age group of people.

List of Best G-Rated Christmas Movies on Netflix

1.Angela’s Christmas 
2.Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas
3.Angela’s Christmas Wish
4.Christmas in the Smokies
5.Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale
6.Christmas Inheritance
7.Shrek The Halls
8.48 Christmas Wishes
9.Operation Christmas Drop
10.A Castle for Christmas
11.The Princess Switch
12.Alien Xmas
13.Cory Carson Christmas
Best G rated Christmas Movies on Netflix
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Best G rated Christmas Movies on Netflix

Best G-rated Christmas Movies on Netflix

Angela’s Christmas 

The movie is set in early 1900 in Ireland. Angela’s Christmas revolves around a family at the time of Christmas. This movie showcases the power of being together as a family and also covers a child’s desire for his family’s safety and well-being.

DirectorDamien O’Connor
GenreFamily, Animation, Adventure, Short
Release Year2017
Distributor Netflix

Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas

The movie follows a new train that speeds into a snowstorm when it was out on a mission to deliver Santa’s presents and save the vibes of Christmas.

Director Clint Butler
GenreFamily, Animation
Release Year2020
Distributor Netflix

Angela’s Christmas Wish

Angela’s Christmas Wish is the sequel of Angela’s Christmas. This movie follows a little girl who is out on a journey to bring her family together at the time of Christmas. The girl is very determined in nature and did everything in her power to succeed in her mission. 

DirectorDamien O’Connor
GenreFamily, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Adventure
Release Year2020
Distributor Netflix

Christmas in the Smokies

The movie revolves around an ambitious and determined woman and covers everything she and her family did in order to save her ancestors’ berry farm.

DirectorGary Wheeler
GenreFamily, Drama, Romance
Release Year2015
Distributor Netflix

Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale

The movie is set around a team of elves and their furry fox cub on a mission to make the Christmas of a boy worth celebrating. The boy is not happy about the coming Christmas as his mom is not getting the Christmas holidays. 

DirectorChanda Bell
Release Year2019
Distributor Netflix

Christmas Inheritance

The movie revolves around a socialite named Ellen. Ellen is all set to take the position of his father in his company but nothing turned out as planned as she had to first visit her hometown before taking the company’s ownership. In her hometown, Ellen learns some life lessons related to hard work and helping others.

DirectorErnie Barbarash
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
Release Year2017
Distributor Netflix

Shrek The Halls

The movie revolves around Shrek and covers everything from his life with his new family. Shrek was about to relax and enjoy some quality time with his new family, the most exciting holidays of the year arrives.

DirectorGray Trousdale
GenreComedy, Animation, Short, Family, Fantasy, Adventure
Release Year2007
Distributor DreamWorks Animation (currently available on Netflix)

48 Christmas Wishes

The movie is set around the time of Christmas and covers everything that happened after a small town’s letters sent to Santa by mistake go up in smoke.

DirectorMarco Deufemia, Justin G. Dyck
GenreComedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Release Year2007
Distributor Netflix

Operation Christmas Drop

In this movie, it is told that the girl whose name is Erica. She is a congressional assistant in Washington, DC. Erica is tasked with investigating a US Air Force base in Guam with the intention of finding a reason to recommend its closure. Andrew is an Air Force captain, and he is chosen to show her around the USAF base and convince her that it should remain open.

The base has an annual tradition of airlifting goods to the small islands of Micronesia for Christmas. Andrew shows Erica around the base and various islands and demonstrates that the tradition is worthwhile and the base should not be closed. The romance between Erica and Andrew blooms during these events

DirectorMartin Wood
GenreComedy, Film, Romance
Release Year2020

A Castle for Christmas

In this movie, it is told that The cast and crew of A Castle for Christmas spent the majority of their filming time in Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland. While the start of the plot of the movie begins in Sophie Brown’s New York apartment, what we are seeing is actually in the Dakota Hotels in Edinburgh.

DirectorMary Lambert
GenreAdventure, Family, Drama, Comedy, Film, Romance
Release Year2021

The Princess Switch

The storyline of this movie is A week before Christmas, her assistant Kevin tells Stacy that he has secretly entered her in a prestigious baking competition in the Kingdom of Belgravia. Initially reluctant, she agrees to go to Belgravia with Kevin and his daughter Olivia after an encounter with her ex-boyfriend.

DirectorMike Rohl
GenreComedy, Drama, Family, Romance
Release Year2018

Alien Xmas

A Small Cute alien named X could save the world when the outer planets try to steal Earth’s gravity. The spirit of that alien is only to give Christmas gifts and not to harm the earth.

DirectorStephen Chiodo
GenreAnimation, Short, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Release Year2020

Cory Carson Christmas

Here the story goes that when a familiar stranger appears without any memory, so The Man Who Saves Christmas By Helping Everyone Remember The Magic Of Cory Christmas.

DirectorsStanley Moore, Alex Woo
GenreAnimation, Short, Family
Release Year2020

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