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Director and Writer Sandra L. Martin To make this Christmas even better, we have brought a movie called It’s Christmas Again it is a Drama, Musical, and Romance movie.

The producer of this movie is Joey Commons, As you, all know, Christmas is coming soon and many movies are going to be released, It’s a Christmas Again film related to Christmas and will be released on 29th November.

So you need to pay attention to whether it is suitable for the age of your children or not, Or you are in dire need of paying attention to whether the movie or series being watched somewhere is not suitable for your children.

So keeping this in mind we and our team come up with your parents guide and age rating to keep your kids away from inappropriate things like About some inappropriate movies, series, and games.

To get more information related to this Movie, read carefully the complete article written below and get more information. Our aim is to provide you with the best and simple parenting guide so that you can provide the right program for your children.

When It’s Christmas Again movie is releasing?

The movie was earlier scheduled to release on 28th November but according to some recent reports, it is all set to release on 29th November. Tickets are available to watch online on 29 November. It’s Christmas Again is set to be released on November 29, 2022.

It's Christmas Again Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022)
It’s Christmas Again Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022)
NameIt’s Christmas Again
GenreDrama, Musical, Romance
Director Sandra L. Martin
WriterSandra L. Martin
Release DateNovember 29, 2022 (United States)
Run Time1 hour 45 minutes
Age RatingG Rated
Production CompanyMapelle Films
DistributorCollide Media Group, Fathom Events, Entertainment One
CountryUnited States
OfficialIt’s Christmas Again


A young boy experiences a life-changing impact. His name is Jake And this is what he experiences when he makes his way to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus’ birth after a skateboarding accident.

Have a look at the Age Rating of It’s Christmas Again

It’s Christmas Again is Rated G for some suggestive Material.

This means that it is suitable for people of all ages, that is, for all general audiences and there is nothing in theme, language, nudity, sex, violence or other matters that the rating board thinks would offend parents whose younger children view the picture.

It is suitable for all ages and does not contain any profanity or inappropriate content. G-rated rating this movie got because this movie is rated for all ages means a general audience.

Read the It’s Christmas Again Parents guide below

Some suggestive Material is present there.
Some glimpses of mild violence are present here but no damage as no life has been lost.

Wallpaper and Images

It's Christmas Again Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022)
It’s Christmas Again Parents Guide and Age Rating (2022)

Know the Cast of It’s Christmas Again

  • Lawson Touliatos as Jake
  • Leela Owen as Abbey
  • Dimitri Mareno as Joe
  • Jason Burkey as Jake’s Dad
  • Reina Ozbay as Mary
  • Chris Cleveland as Roman Soldier
  • Nathan Kehn as Roman Soldier
  • Deanna Rashell as Jake’s Mom
  • Shalet Monique as Teacher
  • Maxie McClintock as Miss Brenda
  • Jordan Makale Williams as Noah
  • Candace Kirkpatrick as Allison
  • Willie Mellina as Townsperson
  • Joe Balanz as Joseph
  • Trisha Nguyen Owen as Angela
  • Leslie Steele as Martha
  • Max Victory as Oliver
  • Kelly Layne as Jewelry Salesperson

Watch the trailer of It’s Christmas Again here

It's Christmas Again TRAILER 2022

Know what the trailer of It’s Christmas Again says

Here the film follows a young boy as his life changes on Christmas Eve. The boy goes to Bethlehem after a skateboard accident and he goes there on Christmas night which is the night of Jesus birth.

Here through this article, know what rating this Series has got and why it has got different ratings in different countries. Like all these countries in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas Why did he get this rating?

Our aim is to bring you the best and simplest parenting guides and age ratings. Both Age Rating and Parents Guide are helpful for you. You are the guide for your children and we strive for their best.

Both these points tell you the age rating and the parents’ guide about the appropriate and inappropriate content present in the program series and movies are shown.

Big sites that are aware of your children and tell you further ratings and help you in your good guidance like MPAA ( Motion Picture Association of America Film rating system),  BBFC (British Board of FilmClassification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

It’s Christmas Again Parents Guide. Do you know what is the use of reading parents’ guides and Age ratings if not then know Having a rating and outcome guide is essential because it guides what is or isn’t right for your kids.

It's Christmas Again
Its Christmas Again Wallpaper and images

Director: Sandra L. Martin

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