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Six of Crows Parents Guide

Six of Crows is a fantasy novel by Leigh Bardugo Published by Henry Holt and Co. in 2015. The account is about seven different characters told from third-person viewpoints. The account plot is all about an abstract company and is an introductory set in the city of Ketterdam, which was inspired by a Dutch republic era Amsterdam.

The novel is part of the Grishaverse Book Series also this is the first book of the Six of Crows Duology, another book of this series is Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows,#2) Nina’s storyline continues in the King of Scars duology: King of Scars (2019) and Rule of Wolves (2021), and the other Crows make cameo appearances in the latter novel.

The first series of the Grishaverse is The Shadow and Bone Trilogy. That trilogy has Shadow and Bone#1, Siege and Storm#2, and Ruin and Rising#3.

 The combined series of all these books are famous as Grishaverse of Leigh Bardugo.

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Six of Crows Age Rating

Six of Crow is rated between the ages of 13 and above for Six of Crows.

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Six of Crows Parents Guide Age Rating
Six of Crows Parents Guide Age Rating

Book Name  Six of Crows
Author  Leigh Bardugo
Genre  Fantasy, Young Adult
Series Six of Crows Duology
Age Rating  13+
Pages  465
Language  English
Published on  September 29, 2015
Publisher Henry Hault and co.
Official Website leighbardugo 

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Six of Crows Parents Guide

Six of Crow is an account of the Grisha trilogy, but this is an account that you can start directly without reading the trilogy.
The content in this account is a perfect fit for the age group of 14 and up as the book is all about fantasy that mature will find interesting
The characters in this account are complicated, imperfect, and sometimes accountable for hateful acts.
There is no strong language used only once a word said “f—-ng.
There are some frequent bloodshed scenes in the story, strong violence is included in it.
It consists of some scenes of kissing and nakedness.

Six of Crows Summary

Chief of the Dregs gang,  Kaz Brenner or “Dirtyhands,” a Seventeen-year-old, is kidnapped by a merchant with a business proposition. The merchant introduces Kaz a new drug called Jurda Parem, which increases their existing abilities. Jurda Parem is extremely addictive, and the man who invented Jurda Parem, a scientist from Shu Han named Bo Yul-Bayer, is being held in the Ice Court, an impenetrable fortress in Fjerda.

Van Eck wants Kaz to bring back Yul-Bayer out of prison, so the scientist won’t split the formula with foreign authorities. Kaz accepts the deal, trusting the reward money will help him take down his brother Jordie. Kaz prepares his team: Inej, his right-hand woman; Nina, a Grisha; Matthias, a Fjerdan former drüskelle (Grisha hunter) with internal knowledge of the Ice Court; Jesper, the Dregs’ sharpshooter; and Wylan, Van Eck’s delinquent son who is also a skilled bomb builder.

The crew arrives outside the Ice Court and changed places with six of the prisoners so that they get into the Ice Court’s prison. Nina and Kaz search for Yul-Bayur is in one of the cells in the prison.

A plus checkpoint of guards saves the group from entering the embassy as they’d planned. Inej and Nina introduce themselves as members of the Menagerie brothel to get into, while the boys use a secret drüskelle bridge Matthias shows them. Nina tries to seduce drüskelle leader Jarl Brum so that they get the way to Yul-Bayer’s location. unfortunately, Brum captures and imprisons Nina, anyhow Matthias frees Nina. Matthias and Nina soon discover Yul-Bayur is dead, and his young son, Kuwei, is being pressurised to try to recreate Jurda Parem.

Nina decided to kill Kuwei, Yul-Bayur’s son, but Matthiasstoped her because the boy has been kidnapped by his home and he deserves better treatment. They take Kuwei with them and went to meet Kaz, who was preparing their way to escape. The crew went all the way to the harbor just because to find 200 soldiers and a group of drüskelle waiting for them. Kuwei gives Nina a dose of Jurda Parem so that she can command the soldiers to throw back their weapons and sleep.

When they come back to Ketterdam, Van Eck greets the team on a deserted island and tells them that he’s going to pay them instead he plans to kill them with the help of Jurda Parem-dosed Grisha. The merchant kidnaps Inej and tells Kaz he has a week to deliver Kuwei, or Inej will die. Kaz asks the team to get together again to get Inej back, and like a good team, they all agree. Kaz’s reassembled crew and plans for revenge.

Six of Crows Characters

  •  Kaz Brekker – Dirtyhands, is seventeen and a master thief with a reputation for doing anything for the right price.
  • Inej Ghafa – a sixteen-year-old Suli girl known as the Wraith.
  • Wylan Van Eck – sixteen, a merchant’s son with some talent for demolition.
  • Matthias Helvar – eighteen, a former drüskelle (witchhunter) from Fjerda.
  •  Nina Zenik – seventeen, a powerful Grisha Heartrender and former soldier.
  • Jesper Fahey – seventeen, a Zemeni sharpshooter with a gambling problem.
  • Jan Van Eck – a rich man and a prominent merchant who sits on Ketterdam’s Merchant Council.
  • Pekka Rollins – the leader of the Dime Lions gang.

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