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Shadow and Bone Parents guide | Shadow and Bone Age Rating (2012)

Shadow and Bone Parents guide

Shadow and Bone is a young adult fantasy adventure novel by Heigh Bardugo and the first book of the series Grisha Trilogy and the Grishaverse Book Series. The Shadow and Bone is published on June 5 2012 by Henry Holt and co. in this account, the once-great nation of Ravka was vanishing slowly by the Shadow Fold, a cover of inaccessible darkness dragging with monsters that live on the human flesh. Alina, a faint, alone orphan, finds a unique power that leads her into the lavish world of the kingdom’s magical elite—the Grisha.

The Shadow and Bone Trilogy, also known as the Grisha Trilogy, is a series of three young-adult fantasy-adventure books by Leigh Bardugo. Netflix TV-Series Shadow and Bone is based on this series of books.

Could she be the key to uncovering the dark fabric of the Shadow Fold and setting Ravka free?

The leader of the Grisha-the Darkling, a body of seductive charm and horrifying power. If Alina is to accomplish her destiny, she must find how to unlock her gift and deal with the danger.

Other books of The Shadow and Bone Trilogy are Siege and Storm#2 and Ruin and Rising#3. Wich further continued as Six of Crows Duology and King of Scars Duology. 

Six of Crows Duology follows two books, of which the first one is Six of Crows and the second is the Crooked Kingdom. 

King of Scars: King of Scars Duology follows two books King of Scars and  Rule of Wolves. The combined series of all these books are famous as Grisha Universe or Grishaverse of Leigh Bardugo.

Shadow and Bone Age Rating

Shadow and Bone Book is suitable for the age group of 13 and above. It may not be suitable for the age of 14, the content may contain things that will be not easy to figure out for kids under the age of 14.

Book NameShadow and Bone
AuthorLeigh Bardugo
Age Rating13+
SeriesShadow and Bone Trilogy
Date of PublicationJune 05, 2012
No. of Page358
PublisherHenry Holt and co.
Shadow and Bone Parents Guide 
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Shadow and Bone Parents Guide 

Heavy violence is encountered in the book frequently, animals are killed in the story, humans are dead, bloodshed, and minors are killed by the monster to feed.
There is a sexual account in which a servant had affair with the king.
The book contains a little strong language, words like ” B—ch”, “a-s” and “stupid” are used in it.
In the book, teen consumes alcohol very infrequently.
The book is based on fantasy and fiction in includes weapons and the use of magic.
Shadow and Bone Parents Guide 

Shadow and Bone Summary

The first in the Grisha trilogy bring out the once-great nation of Ravka, which is slowly being engulfed by the uncanny Shadow Fold, a swathe of compact darkness. Alina, an orphan girl was living her life alone since a very young age, working as a fresher cartographer, in the army.

Her life was going quite normal until a dangerous journey took place in her life in which she founds her unique and remarkable powers, and turns her life up and down for her entire life. Parted from her beloved childhood friend Mal, and impale into the expended, inappropriate and confusing world of the kingdom’s conjuring elite, the Grisha king, Darkling is a powerful and charismatic creature. while Alina was struggling to deal with her new abilities.

She feels a powerful attraction to the Darkling. After shoeing her power to the King and his court, Alina was commanded to get training by her tutor, Baghra. He tells Alina about Darkling’s mother.

She comes to know that the Darkling is hundreds of years old, intentionally created the Unseen, and aimed to capture Alina in order to use her Grisha power to rule the world. Two weeks into Alina’s training, she is close to being captured but Mal saved her who also holds the ability to track he was sent to find Alina. Instead of bringing her in, he helps her run away.

They decide to search for a magic stag in the far north. Who can help Alina to increase her powers only if she kills the stag and makes a necklace of its antlers? Shortly, they find the stag, but her soul refuses to kill the stag. The Darkling and his man arrived there at the moment. They kill the stag and force Alina to wear that antler necklace and made her his absolute slave just because she disobeyed him.

On the way back they have to cross the Unsea. The Darkling ordered Alina to protect the ship during the crossing. He throws Mal out of the ship so that monsters can make him their meal. In desperation, Alina finally realizes that her act of mercy, sparing the stag, gives her the possibility to break free of the Darkling’s enslavement. Her love for Mal gives her the power she needs. Alina leaps out of the ship, saves Mal, and destroys everything including the ship.

The book ends with Mal and Alina taking passage across the True Sea, escaping from Ravka and the Darkling.

Shadow and Bone Book Trailer

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Shadow and Bone Characters

  • Alina Starkov- a Sun Summoner and Saint. Orphaned at a young age by the Border Wars, she joins the First Army as a cartographer
  • The Darkling- also known as the Darkling, is a dedicated  Shadow Summoner and commander of the Second Army.
  • Nikolai Lantsov- Younger prince of Ravaka
  • Zoya Nazyalensky- a powerful Grisha Squaller with the power of summoning the wind.
  • Malyen Oretsev- Alina’s childhood friend.
  • Baghra- strict instructor of Alina.
  • David Kostyk- is a shy but intelligent guy.
  • Tamar and Tolya- twin brothers and members of  Sturmhond’s gang.
  • Nadia and Adrik Zhabin- Darkling’s favored bodyguard.
  • Ivan and Fedyor- 
  • The Appara- counselor to Ravka’s king and queen

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