X Movie Review: It is an American slasher movie released on March 18, 2022. X is directed by Ti West and produced by Ti West, Jacob Jaffke, Kevin Turen, and Harrison Kreiss. The cinematography of this movie is done by Eliot Rockett and edited by David Kashevaroff and Ti West.

The movie X is rated R for the content shown in the movie. This movie is rated 7.5 out of 10 on IMDB and in Rotten Tomatoes, it is rated 95%. X movie has a total running time of 1Hour, 45Minutes.

X Movie Review

The movie X is all about some horror and slasher altogether. In this movie, Wayne (Martin Henderson) is out to make an amateur p*rn video called The Farmer’s Daughter. He’s looking to take advantage of the market by shooting his own self-financed movie. For this shoot, they decided to travel to an isolated location. However, things did not turn out as planned. They had no idea of the coming danger. Read the full article about the X Movie 2022 wiki here.

This movie is good for someone who likes the idea behind this genre. Slasher movie fans will surely admire this movie. However, if someone is not that fond of this genre, they will feel a little wried after watching X. There are some s*x and Nu**ty scenes that may offend some audience.

Some More Information about the Movie X

At the movie’s end, Howard shoots and kills Lorraine, one of the last crew members standing. Read more about X Movie explanation here.

Apart from a great storyline, fantastic direction, and concept, movie X also has some of the best soundtracks that not only make the movie more exciting but also worth watching. Following are some of the best soundtracks from the movie X. Read the full article about the soundtracks of the movie X here.

  • I Just Want to Make Love to You
  • My God (2:10)
  • Maxine Meets Pearl (1:19)
  • Theda (2:36)

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