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R Rated Movies

R rated movies are the movies with Restricted contents mainly for the children under the age of 16. These include mature contents, brief nudity, deep sexual contents.

Even the severe profanity usage including the usage of m-word, f-word, and s-word, if used more can make the movie R rated.

The aggressive and strong violence can lead to bloody content which is restricted for children as they can lead to aggressive psychiatric behavior for children. And hence, the movie rating agency wants them to be restricted from children.

Eventually, these movies will have to be restricted to the kids by their parents. Parents who are concerned about their kids, and if they want to know why the movie is rated R. They can read the complete information from our articles.

We have mentioned all the reason for the rating for any movie and Parental Guidance information are also included for your reference.  Stay tuned for more updates on any movie and its age rating.

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