X Movie Soundtrack | List of the soundtracks | 2022 Film
X Movie Soundtrack | List of the soundtracks | 2022 Film

x movie soundtrack

24 Music will release the official soundtrack album for Ti West’s horror movie X. The album features the film’s original score composed by Tyler Bates and singer/songwriter Chelsea Wolfe. Also included is Wolfe’s cover version of Oui Oui Marie. The soundtrack will be released digitally on March 25 and is now available FOR PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON. 

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about the film X, as it comes from filmmakers Ti West, and it also comes from studio A24, which has delivered compelling and unconventional genre projects like Enemy, Hereditary, and The Lighthouse.

Now we have another reason to be excited about this film is that its score was composed by Tyler Bates and Chelsea Wolfe. A24 has released Wolfe’s cover of “Oui Oui Marie” from the upcoming soundtrack, which will be released on March 25th.

Check out the song below | x movie soundtrack

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Here are the complete soundtracks of the album | x movie soundtrack

  • I Just Want to Make Love to You
  • My God (2:10)
  • Maxine Meets Pearl (1:19)
  • Theda (2:36)
  • Pearl’s Lullaby (1:31)
  • Fucking Finally (1:14)
  • Pearl’s Rapture (1:20)
  • Dolls (3:00)
  • Pumping Gas (0:20)
  • Our Secret (3:08)
  • Use Your Telephone (0:52)
  • We Talked About This (2:07)
  • Nice Girl (1:34)
  • Headlights (4:21)
  • Sorry to Disturb You (2:38)
  • The Cellar (1:06)
  • What is it Baby? (1:13)
  • I Was Young Once (3:05)
  • Tell Me I’m Special (3:59)
  • Maxine Grabs the Gun (4:11)
  • Oui Oui Marie – Chelsea Wolfe (6:15)
  • Bring Our Daughters Home (1:00)

The cast of the film includes Mia Goth, Kid Cudi, Jenna Ortega, Brittany Snow, Stephen Ure, Owen Campbell, and Martin Henderson.

In the film “a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when their reclusive, elderly hosts catch them in the act”. The full movie is a movie and its ending is explained here.

The film is Rated R for its mature content, you should read about its parent guide to know the appropriate age before watching the film.

X Movie Soundtrack that is explained above checkout them on amazon. Stay tuned to get more updates on the age rating of all movies, tv shows, Netflix, books, and games. Finally, any suggestions are always welcomed.

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