Without a doubt, Denzel Washington is one of the most seasoned actors in Hollywood.

He has been a part of many movies that have gone down in history as some of the best movies.

His movies range from action to thriller, showing his versatility in acting skills. You can watch most of his movies on popular streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu.

Best Denzel Washington Movies to Watch

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Going back to Best Denzel Washington Movies, here are some you should keep in mind to get a taste of how amazing his acting is:

Malcolm X

This movie has the kind of storyline that you would notice is a little different than the
movies you would usually watch.

In the movie, Denzel has worked for the representation of blacks, even though the movie came out in the early 90s.

Denzel plays the role of a man who is a black activist who converts to Islam, thus making him a Muslim.

He works in the area of Omaha and soon he gets enough recognition to go down in history as one of the best activists of all time.

Denzel’s performance in the movie was absolutely fantastic, and fans really loved it.

Malcolm X (1992) Official Trailer - Denzel Washington Movie HD

Best Denzel Washington Movies to Watch

The Equalizer

Most certainly one of Denzel’s best movies of all time. The movie revolves around a man
named Robert McCall, who has a very mysterious past.

He works in a warehouse and has a very low-key life, without many people knowing who he is and where he came from.

He comes across a girl who is part of a prostitution ring linked to the Russian movie and
somehow, Robert becomes a part of the situation as he tries to get the girl her freedom.

The movie has an insane kind of action, and it is slowly revealed who Robert is and what he
used to do.

Robert proves that he is nothing less than a one-man army, and he fights his way
through the Russian mob until he finds the man who is responsible.

The movie is definitely a must-watch, with sequences that would have you on the edge of your seat.

THE EQUALIZER - Official Trailer (HD)
Best Denzel Washington Movies to Watch

Training Day

How is it possible that someone mentions Denzel Washington and they don’t talk about
Training Day?

Training Day is one of the best cop movies ever made, and even Brooklyn Nine-Nine confirms that by adding a reference to the movie in the show.

The movie was great enough to win Denzel a second Oscar award. Denzel plays the part of an LAPD detective named Alonzo, who seemingly is corrupt.

He is partnered with another rookie detective, Jake, and Alonzo keeps him in a constant haze.

Throughout the movie, everyone cannot figure out what Alonzo’s intentions are,
whether they are good as he teaches Jake how to become a good detective or if they are bad
as he has something negative planned out in his mind.

Training Day | 4K Trailer | Warner bros. Entertainment
Best Denzel Washington Movies to Watch

Devil in a Blue Dress

Devil in a Blue Dress is also an exciting movie starring Denzel Washington, which
came out back in 1995.

In the movie, Denzel plays a detective called Easy Rawlins, who is tasked to track down a missing woman, and he somehow finds himself in a twisted situation involving murder and even political corruption.

At first, it seems like Easy has difficulty trying to crack the case, but eventually, he does figure it out after much effort.

DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS (1995) – Official Trailer
Best Denzel Washington Movies to Watch

Man on Fire

The kind of movie that might have you biting your nails after a while. Man on Fire is about
an ex-CIA agent who protects a man’s daughter since he is his bodyguard until her kidnapping insurance kicks in.

However, in the process, the daughter is actually kidnapped, and John Creasy (Denzel Washington) goes through hell and back to try to get her back.

There is a lot of ruthless action in the movie since Creasy won’t stop until he learns about Pita’s (the daughter) whereabouts.

Eventually, in a turn of events, Creasy finds out who was actually behind the kidnapping
and that is where the movie takes a drastic turn when it is revealed that Pita was killed by
the kidnappers.

This movie is definitely a must-watch; you need to have it on your list of movies to watch.

Man on Fire | #TBT Trailer | 20th Century FOX
Best Denzel Washington Movies to Watch

Wrapping Up

Denzel Washington is for sure one of the best actors Hollywood has given us.

The action in his movies is the kind that keeps you hooked to your screen through the entirety of the movie.

Even some sequels to movies, such as The Equalizer 2, is just as good as its predecessor, showing how exceptional Denzel’s acting is.

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