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Rest In Peace (2024)

Rest in Peace is Netflix’s Argentinian crime thriller movie originally titled Descansar en paz. Rest In Peace is based on the novel Descansar en paz by Martin Baintrub. The film is directed by Sebastián Borensztein and co-written by Martin Baintrub and Marcos Osorio Vidal. Title Rest In Peace Original Title Descansar en paz Genre Drama, […]

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Femme (2024)

Femme Parents Guide: Femme is a 2024 thriller Film directed and written by Sam H. Freeman and Ng Choon Ping, which stars George MacKay, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, and Aaron Heffernan. If you are worried about whether Femme is okay for your kid, read our Femme Parents Guide below. It is produced by Myles Payne and Sam […]

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Frankenstein: Legacy (2024)

Frankenstein: Legacy Parents Guide: Frankenstein: Legacy is a 2024 drama and thriller directed by Paul Dudbridge cast Michelle Ryan, Juliet Aubrey, and Philip Martin Brown in the lead roles. If you are worried whether Frankenstein: Legacy is okay for your kid, read our Frankenstein: Legacy Parents Guide below. It is produced by Monika Gergelova, Malcolm […]

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Twisters (2024)

Twisters Parents Guide: Twisters is a 2024 Action, Adventure, and Thriller film directed by Lee Isaac Chung and written by Michael Crichton and Mark L. Smith, the sequel to Twister of 1996. Are you worried about whether your kid thinks Twisters are okay for you? Then read our Twisters Parents Guide given below. It was […]

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State of Consciousness (2024)

State of Consciousness Parents Guide: State of Consciousness is a 2024 Thriller film directed by Marcus Stokes and written by Guillaume Tunzini, Dikran Ornekian, and Rylend Grant. If you are worried about whether the State of Consciousness is appropriate for your kid, read our State of Consciousness Parents Guide below. It was produced by Harry […]

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Boy Kills World (2024)

Boy Kills World Parents Guide: Boy Kills World is a 2024 Action and Thriller film directed by Moritz Mohr and written by Tyler Burton Smith, Arend Remmers, and Moritz Mohr stars Bill Skarsgård, Jessica Rothe, and Michelle Dockery. If you are worried about whether Roadside Attractions Boy Kills World is appropriate for your kid, read […]

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Manhunt (2024)

Manhunt Parents Guide: Manhunt is a 2024 Drama and Thriller TV Series directed by Monica Beletsky and written by Monica Beletsky, Tim Brittain, James L. Swanson, Mat Johnson, Jan Oxenberg, and Ben H. Winters. It is produced by Denise Pinckley and executively by Frank Smith, John Dahl, Richard Abate, Kate Barry, Monica Beletsky, Naia Cucukov, […]