Frankenstein Legacy Parents Guide (1)
Frankenstein Legacy Parents Guide (1) Credit: You tube

Frankenstein: Legacy Parents Guide: Frankenstein: Legacy is a 2024 drama and thriller directed by Paul Dudbridge cast Michelle Ryan, Juliet Aubrey, and Philip Martin Brown in the lead roles.

If you are worried whether Frankenstein: Legacy is okay for your kid, read our Frankenstein: Legacy Parents Guide below.

It is produced by Monika Gergelova, Malcolm Winter, and Michael Steven and executively produced by Gergana Avramova, Eoghan Burke, Ravi Dhillon, Phil Hunt, Michael Laundon, and Compton Ross.

Title Frankenstein: Legacy
GenreDrama, Thriller
Released date Not known
CountryUnited Kingdom
Language English
Distributor 101 Films International
Frankenstein: Legacy Parents Guide
Frankenstein Legacy Parents Guide
Frankenstein Legacy Parents Guide

Frankenstein: Legacy Parents Guide

Frankenstein: Legacy is not rated yet we will be updating as soona s possible.

Our Frankenstein: Legacy Parents Guide is given below:-

Violence– The characters are fighting among each other and some blood splattering was also shown on the face, a man as trying to kill other characters. One women was killing one person with knife.

Other Details

Below we have given information about Frankenstein: Legacy.

What is the storyline?

It follows the story of 1875 Victor Frankenstein experiment how they have traded from so many years revolving around England which includes twist and turns which will be enjoyed by the viewers whne they will watch.

When is the release?

Frankenstein: Legacy is expected to be released in 2024 we will be updating as soon as possible.

Who is in the cast?

It includes Michelle Ryan as Lady Charlotte, Philip Martin Brown as Robert Browning, Katie Sheridan as Clara Browning, Alexandra Afryea as Liza, Simon Pengelly as Horace, and Tim J. Henley as Burly Man.

Along with Tim Baxter as Ballroom Guest, Danann McAleer as Patient, Juliet Aubrey as Millicent, Matt Barber as William Browning, Charles Dale as Bob, Jonathan Hansler as Brammings, and Robert Dukes as Higgins.

You will also see Andrew McGillan as Victor Frankenstein, Tony Richardson as Butler, Philip Philmar as Jasper,Paul Mohan as Vicar, and Marc Danbury as Mr. Haddle.


FRANKENSTEIN LEGACY Official Trailer (2024)
Frankenstein: Legacy Parents Guide


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Frankenstein: Legacy
Frankenstein Legacy Parents Guide 1

Director: Paul Dudbridge

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