Rest In Peace Age Rating
Rest In Peace Age Rating

Rest in Peace is Netflix’s Argentinian crime thriller movie originally titled Descansar en paz.

Rest In Peace is based on the novel Descansar en paz by Martin Baintrub.

The film is directed by Sebastián Borensztein and co-written by Martin Baintrub and Marcos Osorio Vidal.

TitleRest In Peace
Original TitleDescansar en paz
GenreDrama, Thriller
DirectorSebastián Borensztein
Release DateMarch 27, 2024
Runtime1h 45m

What is it About?

“This film centers on a family man who, cornered by debt, takes advantage of a coincidence and an unpredictable circumstance to disappear.”

“After many years of living away from his country under a false identity, a chance discovery provides the irresistible temptation of wanting to know how the people he left behind have moved on in his absence — but nothing is as he expected.”

Rest In Peace Age Rating

Rest In Peace is rated TV-MA, indicating that it is intended to be viewed by Mature Adults Only.

No one under 17 should watch the film as it contains content unsuitable for younger kids.

Anyone below 17 should talk to their parents before watching this film.

Rest In Peace Parents Guide

  • This film includes violence, explosions, injuries, and blood.
  • In criminal activities, people are murdered.
  • Mature language.
  • The Complete parent’s guide will be updated soon.

Parents’ guide will help you decide if the Netflix film Rest In Peace is suitable for your kids. Parents’ guide gives detailed information about the content shown in the film.

Who is in the Cast?

The cast includes Joaquín Furriel as Sergio, Griselda Siciliani as Estela, Gabriel Goity as Hugo Brener, and Lali González as Ilu.

When and Where to Watch?

Descansar en paz is set to premiere globally on Monday, March 27, on Netflix.

Descansar en paz | Tráiler oficial | Netflix

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