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Blood for Dust (2023)

Blood for Dust is a 2023 American crime thriller film written and directed by Rod Blackhurs. Title Blood for Dust Genre Action, Crime, Thriller Director Rod Blackhurst Release Date April 19, 2024 Runtime 1h 38m Country United States Language English Distributors 101 Films, California Filmes, and more… Blood for Dust Parents Guide What is it […]

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DogMan (2024)

DogMan is A Film About a Troubled Man and His Dogs. The crime thriller film is written and directed by the French filmmaker Luc Besson, known for “The Fifth Element” and “Léon: The Professional.” Title DogMan Genre Thriller Director Luc Besson Release Date April 5, 2024 (USA) Runtime 1h 53m Country France Language Spanish, English […]

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In The Land of Saints and Sinners (2023)

In The Land of Saints and Sinners is an action thriller directed by Robert Lorenz. Production companies are Facing East, RagBag Pictures, and Prodigal Films Limited. Title In The Land of Saints and Sinners Genre Action, Crime, Thriller Director Robert Lorenz Release Date March 29, 2024 (USA) Runtime 1h 46m Country Ireland Language English What […]

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Rest In Peace (2024)

Rest in Peace is Netflix’s Argentinian crime thriller movie originally titled Descansar en paz. Rest In Peace is based on the novel Descansar en paz by Martin Baintrub. The film is directed by Sebastián Borensztein and co-written by Martin Baintrub and Marcos Osorio Vidal. Title Rest In Peace Original Title Descansar en paz Genre Drama, […]

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CrimeTime: Freefall (2024)

CrimeTime: Freefall is a drama mystery film directed by Stacey N. Harding and written by Arthur Vandalay. CrimeTime: Freefall appears to be Stacey N. Harding’s directorial debut, but she has previously worked as a second assistant director on projects like “Good Witch” and “Mystery 101.” Title CrimeTime: Freefall Genre Crime, mystery, drama Director Stacey N. […]

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5lbs of Pressure (2024)

5lbs of Pressure Introduction and Wiki 5lbs of Pressure is the 2024 crime thriller film written and directed by Phil Allocco. The film was produced by Zac Weinstein, Isen Robbins, Aimee Schoof, Roy Scott MacFarland, and Ford Corbett. Age ratings and parent guides help protect children from exposure to content that may be inappropriate for […]

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Culprits (2023)

Culprits Parents Guide: Culprits is a comedy crime thriller film directed by J Blakeson and Claire Oakley, casting Nathan Stewart–Jarrett, Kirby, and Kevin Vidal. If you are worried about whether Culprits is appropriate for your kids, then you must read our Culprits Parents Guide below. It was executed by J Blakeson, Johanna Devereaux, and Stephen […]

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All Souls (2023)

All Souls Parents Guide All Souls is a 2023 American Crime film which is directed by Emmanuelle Pickett and penned by Anthony Ragnone II. It stars Mikey Madison, Samuel Roukin, Jess Gabor, Zach Villa, and G-Eazy in the leading roles and it is produced by Mark Lane, Sarah Gabriel, Marc Goldberg, and James Harris. Name […]

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The Naughty Nine (2023)

The Naughty Nine Information and Wiki The Naughty Nine Parents Guide: The Naughty Nine is an upcoming Adventure, Comedy, and Crime which is directed by Alberto Belli and written by Jed Elinoff, and Scott Thomas. It casts Danny Glover, Derek Theler, and Winslow Fegley in the lead roles in the movie. Title The Naughty Nine […]