The Naughty Nine Parents Guide (2)
The Naughty Nine Parents Guide (2) Credit: IMDb

The Naughty Nine Information and Wiki

The Naughty Nine Parents Guide: The Naughty Nine is an upcoming Adventure, Comedy, and Crime which is directed by Alberto Belli and written by Jed Elinoff, and Scott Thomas.

It casts Danny Glover, Derek Theler, and Winslow Fegley in the lead roles in the movie.

TitleThe Naughty Nine
DirectorAlberto Belli
GenreAdventure, Comedy, and Crime
Released dateNovember 23, 2023
CountryUnited States
The Naughty Nine Parents Guide
The Naughty Nine Parents Guide (1)
The Naughty Nine Parents Guide (1) Credit: On Disney+

The Naughty Nine Age Ratings

The Naughty Nine is a TV PG for violence shown in the movie.

TV-PG ratings are given to those movies that include content that Parents may find unsuitable for their kids.

It contains all appropriate content which is okay for the kids but some content like a little bit of violence may Parents though that they are unsuitable for the kids.

Age ratings are there for you which helps you to know which kind of movie is suitable for which age groups.

The Naughty Nine Parents Guide

The Naughty Nine Parents Guide will help you to know about the contents which is shown through which you will be able to know the contents and then you would be able to make a decision.

In this movie you will find the following content:-


Most of the kids were shown fighting with another group of people and also they were using bows and arrows to defeat each other.

You would also find one kid was jumping from one point to another high point which would lead to bad impacts on your kids as kids learn these types of habits quickly.

You would find most of the character in the movie was exploring some things with reindeer continuously which was dangerous.

Parents Consideration

You need to pay attention to most of the things already The Naughty Nine movie contains violent scenes and also you need to pay attention because this movie is already TV-PG rated which means that you may find most of the things inappropriate for your kids.

Kids are very innocent they learn by seeing things so it should be noted that kids do not watch violent scenes as they might get a bad impact from them.

Other Details

Other information regarding The Naughty Nine has been given below.

When and where to watch?

The Naughty Nine is going to be released on November 23, 2023 on Disney+.

Who is in the cast?

The Naughty Nine casts Danny Glover performing as Santa Claus, Winslow Fegley playing the role of Andy, Deric McCabe performing Jon Anthony, and Jessica Grossi performing as Elf Singer.

Other include

  • Clara Stack as Rose
  • Madilyn Kellam as Laurel
  • Imogen Cohen as Ha-Yoon
  • Brittany Charlotte Smith as Linda
  • Ayden Elijah as Albert
  • Derek Theler as Bruno
  • Leonidas Castrounis as Kevin the Elf
  • Randal Edwards as Jason
  • Hudson Robert Wurster as Happy Student

What is the storyline?

This is the story of Andy who knows that he has been on the list of naughty kids then he finds some more like him so that other kids also get gifts like him from Santa.


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The Naughty Nine Parents Guide


The Naughty Nine Parents Guide: The Naughty Nine is rated TV-PG for the violent things shown in the movie.

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