Bardejov Parents Guide
Bardejov Parents Guide

Bardejov is an American War film directed by Danny A. Abeckaser and written by Shmuel Lynn.

Danny A. Abeckaser also starred in the film along with other cast members. Bardejov will be distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

GenreHistory, War
DirectorDanny A. Abeckaser
Release DateMarch 19, 2024
CountryUnited States
DistributorsGravitas Ventures

Bardejov: What is it About?

“Bardejov” is a historical drama set during World War II in Slovakia. The story revolves around a small town facing the horrors of the Nazi regime and their allies, the Hlinka Guards.

The townspeople, led by Rabbi Rafuel Lowy, come together to protect their Jewish community from persecution and potential deportation to Auschwitz.

Bardejov Age Rating

“Bardejov” is likely intended for mature audiences, including older teenagers and adults, due to its historical context and themes.

Younger viewers may require parental guidance and support to understand the complexities of the subject matter presented in the film.

Bardejov Parents Guide

  • Scenes of tension and threat as the Hlinka Guards, allied with the Nazis, enforce orders upon the Jewish residents of the town.
  • The trailer suggests that there are dangers, like being sent to places where many people were hurt or killed, like Auschwitz.
  • Talking about the bad things that happened during World War II, like the Holocaust, might make some people feel very sad or scared.
  • The realization that the Jewish girls are being sent to Auschwitz, a place associated with death and suffering, could be frightening for sensitive audiences.

Where to watch Bardejov?

Bardejov releases on VOD on March 19, 2024.

Who is in the Cast?

The film starring Robert David (Rafuel Lowy) along with Kyle Stefanski (Gotti), Dean Miroshnikov (Miklat), Darren Weiss (Inside Man), and Omer Hazan (The Engineer).

Bardejov Trailer Explained

The trailer starts with a peaceful scene where people are going about their daily lives in the town.

People are at the synagogue, and mothers are putting their babies to bed. But then, everything changes suddenly.

The Hlinka Guards, who are young members of a group allied with the Nazis, arrive in the town center and tell all the Jewish people to register for work.

Rabbi Rafuel Lowy, who also makes wine, realizes that they need to take action to protect the Jewish people in their town.

When it’s announced that the Jewish girls will be sent to work in a shoe factory in the East, Rabbi Lowy knows something isn’t right.

He gathers other leaders from the town to figure out a plan. They discover that instead of going to a factory, the girls are being sent to Auschwitz, a place where many people are killed.

So, the people of Bardejov come together to save as many of their fellow townspeople as they can.

They work together as a community to protect each other from the danger that’s coming. Watch the trailer below:

Bardejov - Official Trailer (2024) Robert Davi, Danny A. Abeckaser

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