Room 0 Parents Guide and Age Rating
Room 0 Parents Guide and Age Rating

Room 0 is a 2024 science fiction thriller film with some action elements. Richard Kodai wrote and directed the film, which stars Sean Collins and Kenny Logsdon.

TitleRoom 0
GenreSci-fi, thriller
DirectorRichard Kodai
Release DateMarch 19, 2024
CountryUnited States
DistributorsNowhere Society Media
Room 0 Parents Guide

What is it about?

A young woman named Louis (played by Natalya V. Wood) desperately needs money to save her younger sister, who has a rare disease.

She gets involved in a risky scheme to steal a mysterious device as a “mule” for a heist.

When she accidentally activates the device, things go wrong, trapping her in a repeating time loop where she keeps reliving the same day in a motel room.

As she tries to break the time loop, she also finds herself targeted by an influential crime lord (played by Victor Jones) who wants the device back.

Room 0 Parents Guide and Age Rating

Room 0 has not been rated yet, but we will update the age rating soon.

Age Appropriateness: Different movies and TV shows contain content that may not be suitable for all age groups.

Parental guidance helps ensure that children are exposed to appropriate content for their age and maturity level, helping to protect them from potentially harmful or distressing material.

Room 0 Parents Guide and Age Rating
Room 0 Parents Guide and Age Rating

Who is in the Cats?

  • Frank Trentino: Voiced by Sean Collins
  • Dr. Galvan: Voiced by Victor Jones
  • Sophisticated Woman: Voiced by Karen Cherney
  • Agent Bennett: Voiced by Joiakin Foster
  • Dr. Malinowsky: Voiced by Kenny Logsdon
  • Luis: Voiced by Matt Haynes
  • Various characters: Voiced by Gordon Richards
  • Boyfriend: Voiced by Scott McLean
  • Bonus: Voiced by Scott J. Smith

When to Watch?

Room 0 was released on digital and on-demand platforms on March 19, 2024.

ROOM 0 Trailer (2024)

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