Who is 4 Town in Turning Red?

“Turning Red” is a new Disney and Pixar film that gets released on Disney+ on March 11. Turning Retells tells the story of Mei, a fictional 13-year-old girl who suddenly begins to transform into a red panda whenever she’s excited or stressed. Mei and all of her friends are obsessed with 4 Town and, naturally, viewers all around the world are too.

4 town in turning red
Who is 4 town in turning red member

Turning Red is set in 2002 and features a fictional boy band called 4*Town reminiscent of iconic boybands. 4 Town is not a real boyband they are made up of real singers all five people behind Robaire, Jesse, Aaron Z., Tae Young, and Aaron T. They also have three iconic songs: ‘Nobody Like U’, ‘1 True Love’ and ‘U Know What’s Up’.

4 Town Ages | 4 Town Turning Red Ages

According to the movie timeline, we can say that. The age of 4 towns is teenagers (Between 12-16-year-old.) the film Turning Red story is very fresh and unique, also the film is no 1 choice for kids, Film Script is very lovely for parents and kids, also, So watch with family and enjoy.

The characters Robaire, Jesse, Aaron Z., Aaron T., and Tae Young are voiced by Jordan Fisher, Finneas O’Connell, Josh Levi, Topher Ngo, and Grayson Villanueva, respectively.

Who is 4 town in Turning Red

Five members make up 4 Town of Turning Red. 4 Town is the popular boy band in the 2022 Disney

  • Robaire in Turning Red: Robaire is the lead singer of 4 Town in Turning Red and he’s played by Jordan Fisher.
  • Jesse in Turning Red: Jesse in Turning Red is played by Finneas.
  • Aaron Z. in Turning Red: Aaron Z. in 4 Town is played by 23-year-old singer Josh Levi.
  • The Young in Turning Red: Tae Young in 4 Town is played by Grayson Villanueva.
  • Aaron T. in Turning Red: Aaron T. in Turning Red is played by Topher Ngo.
4 town in turning red
Who is 4 town in turning red member

4 town songs in “Turning red”

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Hopefully, at the end of a movie, you’ve fallen so in love with the characters that you have a hard time letting them go. Hollywood superstar Billie Eilish has done the all-film Turning Red Soundtrack, You’ll defiantly enjoy the all songs and also choose an online listing with your family.

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  1. This is incorrect because it’s canon that Jesse has 2 children therefore he cannot be between the ages of 12 and 16, it’s more likely that Taeyoung, the youngest of the group is around 18 (this is a rough guess based on Devon the kid who works at the daisy mart being 17 and going to the concert). I would put the other members between 18 and 25+ but older than 18 and younger than 30. 90s and 00s boy bands were usually in their early to mid 20s.

    1. I think tae is 17, jesse is probably like 24, robaire is probably like 20, Z is 19, and T is 21. it’s all a guess though lol

  2. Jesse has two kids so he is way way too old to be in the band.
    If I had to guess I would say Jesses is maybe 23 22 25?Tae young is maybe 14 or 15
    Robaire maybe 16 17.
    Aaron Z 18 maybe?
    Aaron T 21

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