What is the movie Turning Red about: Turning Red is Pixar’s coming-of-age adventure film set in early-2000s Toronto. The film is about Meilin “Mei” Lee, a Chinese Canadian teen who unleashes a literal red panda when she starts going through puberty. The panda transformation can sometimes be intense and leads to both unintended and purposeful destruction. The story centers on the city’s Chinatown community where Mei lives and features an authentically diverse cast.

With puberty and adolescence at the heart of the action, expect references to periods and celebrity crushes, discussions of “hotness,” and descriptions of the attractiveness of popular singers (as well as another older teen) and their gyrating dance moves.

What is the movie Turning Red about

Delightful, funny, unapologetically girl-centered, and a surprisingly touching allegory for adolescence.  It’s also a gift for anyone who remembers the onset of puberty, pining over musicians, and struggling to balance meeting parental expectations with friendships and newfound interests.

What is the movie Turning Red about. 2022 Film turning red is explained here. Turning red detailed explanation. Turning red story.
What is the movie Turning Red about?

Chiang does a lovely job conveying Mei’s emotional and physical changes — how she genuinely wants to obey her parents, take care of their family temple, and be a good girl but also enjoys her BFFs, loud music, and, yes, boys (even if they are of the unattainable pop-heartthrob variety. Who Is 4 Town In Turning Red). And oh, who’s also Canadian, is ideally cast as Mei’s mom, who’s more complex than the fussy helicopter mom she initially seems to be.

Although dad Jin is a kind and loving presence, Turning Red is at heart a story about mothers and daughters. Mei and Ming’s dynamic is in some ways universal: the bittersweet and at times outright confrontational push-and-pull of surviving teen rebellion.

Visually, Turning Red, like all Pixar movies, is phenomenal. Director Domee Shi (who herself is Chinese Canadian and was 13 in 2002), is clearly drawing on her own lived experiences of Toronto, its Chinatown, and being a teen in the early ’00s.

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Movie Details

  • Release: March 11, 2022
  • Cast: Rosalie Chiang, Sandra Oh, James Hong
  • Director: Domee Shi
  • Studios: Pixar Animation Studios, Disney+
  • Genre: Family and Kids
  • Run time: 100 minutes
  • MPAA rating: PG for thematic material, suggestive content, and language

Official website: Pixar

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