Best G rated Action Movies 

The movie industry is filled with movies for all age groups. It has something on the store for every kind of audience to watch. Since it has content for every kind of audience, in this list, you will see the information regarding the Best G-rated Action Movies. 

What is G rated?

 In terms of Motion Pictures Association, G stands for General audience. The movie falls in the G-rating category is suitable for the general audience. It has nothing in terms of sex, nudity, language, or violence that could disturb the general audience watching it. They are suitable for every age group of people.

List of Best G rated Action Movies 

1. Snow Day
2. The Mountain II
3. Corduroy
4. Murder on the Reed
5. Depth Perception
6. Planet of the Apes
7. Atlantic
8. PAW Patrol: The Movie
9. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
10. Jason and the Argonauts

Snow Day

It is a documentary movie focused on life, skiing, and death. The movie revolves around a group of elderly people on an adventure ski trip in the Colorado Rockies. All the people in this group are seen enjoying this trip to the fullest and also sharing their life experiences with each other.

Director Erica Milsom
Rating 8.8/10
Genre Documentary, Drama, Action, Sport
Release Date 2014
Distributor N\A (currently available on Amazon Prime Videos)

The Mountain II

This movie revolves around a clandestine special forces squad and covers every up and down of their lives. In this movie, they are seen working on a special mission in which they are supposed to infiltrate one of the most barbarous areas of modern Iraq.

Director Alper Cagler
Rating 9/10
Genre War, Drama, Action
Release Year 2016
Distributor N\A (currently available on Amazon Prime Videos)


It is a short made-for-television movie. Corduroy is focused on a toy bear who decided to go to a big department store to find himself a new button after realizing that his one button is missing. However, nothing turned out as planned as he faced a lot of problems on his way.

Director Gary Templeton
Rating 8.5/10
Genre Short, Adventure, Family
Release Year 1984
Distributor N\A (currently available on Amazon Prime Videos)

Murder on the Reed

It is an adventure documentary movie focused on a scientist named Dr. Allen Dobrovolsky, who is seen testing the waters of the Great Barrier Reef for a very long time. He decided to pursue this testing as he is quite concerned about the decreasing water quality.

Director Allen Dobrovolsky, Alex Fitzwater, Nicole McCuaig
Rating 8.4/10
Genre Documentary, Adventure
Release Year 2018
Distributor N\A (currently available on Amazon Prime Videos)

Depth Perception

This movie is set in beautiful British Columbia as it is one of the best places to ride on earth. In BC, there is some unexplained natural phenomenon that makes it more beautiful. BC has always been one of the best destinations to spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Director Christopher Murphy, Justin Taylor Smith
Rating 8.2/10
Genre Sport
Release Year 2017
Distributor N\A (currently available on Amazon Prime Videos)

Planet of the Apes

The movie is focused on Taylor and his two astronaut colleagues. Initially, all of them are quite excited about their coming mission. However, nothing turned as planned as they by mistake landed on a distant planet where they were shocked to see intelligent talking apes.

Director Franklin J. Schaffner
Rating 8/10
Genre Adventure, Science-fiction
Release Year 1968
Distributor 20th Century Fox


Atlantic is a documentary movie focused on two big natural resources i.e., oil and fish. This movie showcases how these resources are getting exploited by human beings in order to earn some money. In this movie, the actual picture is presented in front of the audience, and also focuses on why it is necessary to stop this exploitation.

Director Risteard O’Domhnaill
Rating 8.1/10
Genre Adventure, Documentary, News
Release Year 2016
Distributor N\A (currently available on Amazon Prime Videos)

PAW Patrol: The Movie

It is a Canadian computer-animated action-adventure comedy movie released on August 20, 2021. PAW Patrol is directed by Cal Brunker and produced by Jennifer Dodge.

The movie revolves around PAW Patrol and his biggest rival named Mayor Humdinger. This movie is all about what Humdinger did after becoming the Mayor of a nearby city and also what PAW Petrol did in order to restrict him from fulfilling his plans.

Director Cal Brunker
Rating 6.2/10
Genre Adventure, Animation, Action, Comedy, Family
Release Year 2021
Distributor Paramount Pictures 

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It is a British musical fantasy movie released on December 18, 1968. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is directed by Ken Hughes and produced by Albert R. Broccoli.

The movie revolves around an Eccentric Inventor named Caractacus Potts, his family, and his girl friend. They were living an ordinary life until they decided to go on an adventure trip where they were whisked into a magical world of pirates.

Director Ken Hughes
Rating 6.9/10
Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Musical
Release Year 1968
Distributor United Artists

Jason and the Argonauts

It is an Anglo-American independent mythological fantasy adventure movie released on June 19, 1963. Jason and the Argonauts is directed by Don Chaffey and produced by Charles H. Schneer.

This movie follows a legendary Greek hero named Jason on his adventure to find Golden Fleece. In order to succeed in this mission, he made a team of intrepid adventurers. 

Director Don Chaffey
Rating 7.3/10
Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Action
Release Year 1963
Distributor Columbia Pictures

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