The Defeated Series Poster, Wallpaper, and Image
The Defeated Series Poster, Wallpaper, and Image

The Defeated Parents Guide

The Defeated (Shadowplay) is a Swedish drama thriller television series written and directed by Måns Mårlind.

The Series is distributed by Netflix, StudioCanal. However, the production companies are Tandem Productions, BRON Studios, Canal+.

In this series, there are no laws in Berlin, and everyone is either a criminal or a survivor. When American cop Max McLaughlin arrives to help create the police force and take down the Al Capone of Berlin, Dr. Werner ‘Englemacher’ Gladow, he is also on a private mission to track down his missing brother, who’s been killing former Nazis in hiding.

The Defeated Age Rating

The TV-Series The Defeated is Rated TV-MA for Strong Bloody Violence and Brief Nudity.

TV-MA – Some shown content in the series may be inappropriate for children under the age of 17.

The Defeated Parents Guide

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Strong Bloody Violence throughout the series.
Brief Nudity and some kissing scenes are shown.
Use of Weapons, people are killed by armed forces
Language Throughout, words used, “Fu*k”, “Sh*t”.


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The Defeated Release date

The TV-Series The Defeated was released on 18 August 2021 on Netfilx.

Official Poster and Details

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The Defeated Parents Guide
The Defeated Parents Guide

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Series Name The Defeated
Genre Drama, Thriller
Age Rating TV-MA
Season 01
Episodes 08
Release date 18 August 2021
Official Website Netflix


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TV-Series The Defeated Overview

It starts from the era of 1946, where an American police officer named Max was sent after World War 2 for the building of a new police force, meanwhile, he searches for his brother who was missing after the war which seems quite difficult as a continuous series of murders happening in town. 

This show describes the incidents happening in Berlin after World War 2nd and how hard people are trying for their survival. It well illustrates how disputes and inspiration change from generation to generation. Publicity to brutalize the enemy worked just as well in Vietnam as in the First World War.

It’s more than the punishment of Nazis, it’s an interesting structure but a compelling portrait of miserable survival and switching through morals and hardship. The war impatient people existed on the borderline of society and in constant fear of being discovered. Still, they are assisted to emphasize the encouraging promise of a positive tomorrow.

The Defeated Series Poster, Wallpaper, and Image
The Defeated Series Poster, Wallpaper, and Image

The Defeated Official Trailer

The Defeated Season 01 | Official English Trailer | Netflix

TV-Series The Defeated Cast

  • Benjamin Sadler as Leopold Garten
  • Ivan G’Vera as Alexander Izosimov
  • Braxton Bjerken as Young Max
  • Anson Boon as Young Moritz
  • Jan Budar as Grey man
  • Sean Brodeur as Franklin’s Driver
  • Karel Hermánek Jr as Berninski Bartender
  • Billy Rayner as George
  • Amelie Wedell as Helena

The Defeated Age Rating and​ The Defeated Parents Guide

Know about The Defeated Parents Guide. Why did Series The Defeated received this age rating? Read the complete information here about The Defeated age rating in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, and overseas.

TV-Series The Defeated is rated 16 in the Netherlands, MA15+ in Australia, M18 in Singapore, 15 in the United Kingdom, TV-MA in the United States.

In fact, the age rating, fixed by MPAA( Motion Picture Association of America TV Series rating system),  BBFC (British Board of Film Classification), and Commons sense, TV Parental Guidelines (A television content rating system in the United States).

Stay tuned to get more updates on the age rating of all movies, tv shows, Netflix, books, and games. Finally, any suggestions are always welcomed.

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