NC17 Rated Movies
NC17 Rated Movies

NC17 Rated Movies: NC17 refers to no children 17 and below. This rating is assigned to a movie by MPA. This simply means that a person below the age of will not be permitted to see the movie.

The movies under this category are not appropriate for audiences below 18. NC17 Rating is higher than R Rating.

1Revenge Ride 2017
2Gantz: O2016
3Nappily Ever After2018
7Marriage 2.02015
8Swearnet: The Movie2015
9This One’s for the Ladies2022
10Lust, Caution2007

List of NC 17 Rated Movies

Here, in this article, we have given a list of NC17 Rated Movies along with some more necessary information.

Revenge Ride (2017)

The story of the movie revolves around Maggie (Serinda Swan). She is a member of the Dark Moon Biker gang. This gang is headed by Trigga (Pollyanna McIntosh). They were living a simple life until one day Maggie’s cousin is drugged at a party. Seeing her condition the gang decided to take revenge on the people who are responsible for her condition.

DirectorMelanie Aitkenhead
GenreCrime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Runtime1Hour, 13Minutes

Gantz: O (2016)

This movie revolves around a teen boy who was murdered in a subway station. The movie took an unexpected turn when that boy is resurrected by a computer named Gantz and forced to fight against aliens coming to attack Osaka.

DirectorYasushi Kawamura, Kei’ichi Sato
GenreCrime, Drama, Action, Adventure
Runtime1Hour, 35Minutes

Nappily Ever After (2018)

This movie revolves around a successful woman named Violet Jones. Violet is very happy in her life as she has everything one could ask for be it a successful career, a handsome boyfriend, and everything. However, the story turns upside down when her life which was earlier not less than a fairy tale begins to unravel.

DirectorHaifaa Al-Mansour
GenreComedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime1Hour, 38Minutes

Revenger (2018)

The movie revolves around a former police officer and covers everything that he did after going to a prison island. He decided to go there so that he can take revenge for his family members’ murder.

DirectorSeung-Won Lee
GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
Runtime1Hour, 41Minutes

Retreat (2011)

The movie revolves around a couple named Kate and Martin. They decided to go to a far island to give their marriage a last chance. They decided to go there so that they can spend some time together and ort things out. However, nothing turned out as planned as they met a wounded man who is dressed in an army uniform. That man tells them that their continent is attacked by a deadly virus and in order to be safe, they need to make sure that they did not come in contact with anyone. Retreat is officially distributed by Vertigo Films.

DirectorCarl Tibbetts
GenreHorror, Drama, Thriller
Runtime1Hour, 30Minutes

Trois (2000)

Trois is a 2000 erotic thriller film. The film is produced by William Packer. Characters of this film are Gary Dourdan, Kenya Moore, and Gretchen Palmer. Trois year highest grossing African American films as well as one of the top fifty highest-grossing independent films of 2000. In this movie, it is shown A man (Gary Dourdan) convinces his wife (Kenya Moore) to engage in a threesome,

DirectorRob Hardy
GenreRomance, Drama, Thriller
Runtime1Hour, 33Minutes

Marriage 2.0 (2015)

Marriage 2.0 is a 2015 adult romance film. It was written and produced by Magnus Sullivan. In this movie shows are a married couple’s first steps in a non-monogamous open relationship.

DirectorPaul Deeb
GenreAdult, Drama, Thriller
Runtime2Hour, 10Minutes

Swearnet: The Movie (2015)

Swearnet: The Movie is a 2014 Canadian dark comedy film. It was written, Produced, and starred by Mike Smith, John Paul Tremblay, and Rob Wells, the Characters of this film are Trailer Park Boys. In the film, Smith, Tremblay, and Wells appear as themselves as they begin building a completely uncensored Internet network.

DirectorWarren P. Sonoda
Runtime1Hour, 52Minutes

This One’s for the Ladies

This One’s for the ladies is a popular TV show and movie In this movie, it is shown in Newark, NJ Hundreds of cheering women gather for a potluck celebration to cheer on Tyga, Raw Dogg, Sweet T, and other male strippers.

DirectorGene Graham
Runtime1Hour, 22Minutes

Blonde (2022)

Blonde is a 2022 American biographical film. written by Andrew Dominik. The film is a fictional account of the life and career of American actress Marilyn Monroe. its streaming release on September 28 by Netflix.

DirectorAndrew Dominik
GenreBiography, Drama, Romance
Runtime2Hour, 47Minutes

Lust, Caution (2007)

Lust, Caution is a 2007 erotic period espionage mystery romance film. In this movie it is shown in During World War II, a secret agent (Tang Wei) must seduce, then assassinate, an official (Tony Leung Chiu Wai) working for the Japanese puppet government in Shanghai. It was released in U.S. theaters on September 28, 2007,

DirectorAng Lee
GenreHistory, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Runtime2Hour, 37Minutes
NC17 Rated Movies
NC17 Rated Movies

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