Movie Parental Rating guide
Movie Parental Rating guide


Here is the Movie Parental Rating Guide. Movies age ratings are decided by a Board of 8-13 parents and they are not preconnected with the film industry. Raters work for the Rating administration. The board can decide the age rating of a TV Movie, TV shows  Web series for the contents shown in the TV Movie, TV show, and the Web Series, etc… To know more about parental guidance movie ratings here. So that you can decide what is appropriate for your kids.

Before reading this you should know that ratings are done independently and not influenced by the creators.

Movie Parental Rating guide
Movie Parental Rating guide

Because children these days watch a lot of movies, TV shows, Series, So it is important for you also to review and check what your children want to watch.

The board can only give you information about the contents shown in the movies, series, tv shows, etc… As we think only parents can choose the best for their kids, at the end only you can decide what is good for your child and what is not.


BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification)

BBFC helps children and families by providing them guidance which helps them to choose what is appropriate and what is not.

 Film Rating System of BBFC
  • U (SUITABLE FOR ALL) – U-rated films are suitable for all age groups. As no content is present which could be inappropriate for the child.
  • PG (PARENTAL GUIDANCE) – Some content shown in the film may be not suitable for young children. Parents are advised to be careful about the content shown in the movie because it may affect the child emotionally, mentally may have frightening scenes.
  • 12 A (CINEMA RELEASE SUITABLE FOR 12 YEARS AND ABOVE) / 12 (VIDEO RELEASE SUITABLE FOR 12 YEARS AND ABOVE) – Children under the age of 12 are not suitable to watch the content which is classified under 12 A cinema and 12 in the videos. Children under the age of 12 may watch the 12 A cinema with some adult guardians. If you are planning to take children under the age of 12 to watch a 12A movie you should consider the content of a movie first.
  • 15 ( SUITABLE ONLY FOR 15 AND ABOVE) –  Children under the age of  15 are not a suitable audience for the movie rated 15. The contents of a movie are not appropriate for the under 15 age group.
  • 18 (SUITABLE ONLY FOR ADULTS) The movie or video is not appropriate for the audience under the age of 18.
  • R 18 ( TO BE SHOWN ONLY IN LICENCED CINEMA) – The R18 rated movies are legally restricted because their contents include intense sexual scenes. only licensed cinemas may show the movie rated R18.

CSM (common sense media)

CSM is working since 2003. They provide you the information so that you can decide what is good for your children. Each and every rating and review by commonsense media is based on the important fundamental child developmental principles according to a different age group.

Commonsense classified each and every age group based upon “What is age-appropriate” of a certain age group. According to the content shown in the movies, commonsense gives an age rating for the movie, TV shows, books, games, website, apps, music, etc…


They have some points to describe the ratings that parents should know-

  • Educational value
  • Positive messages
  • Positive role models and representations
  • Violence
  • Sex
  • Language
  • Drinking drugs and smoking

MPPA (Motion Picture Association of America TV Movie rating system)-

MPPA is an administration of film rating system established in 1968, is used in the USA to rate the film and movies based on the contents shown in it so that one can decide that who can watch the movie according to different age group so that parents can decide that if a film is appropriate for their children or not.

Ratings are determined by the Classification and rating administration (CARA), via a board of independent groups of parents.

 Film Rating System of MPPA
  • G (GENERAL AUDIENCE) – G Rated movies are appropriate for all age groups that means that children of any age group can watch the movie. Nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children.
  • PG (PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED) – Maybe Some material is not appropriate for children so parents should give guidance. The movie may contain material that some parents may not like for their young children.
  • PG 13 (PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED) – Some shown content in the film may be inappropriate for pre-teenagers. Parents should be cautious.
  • R (RESTRICTED) – Contains some adult material. Under 17 accompanying parent or adult guardian. R- rated means parents are advised to learn more about the movie if their children under 17 want to watch the movie.
  • NC- 17 (NO-ONE 17 AND UNDER ADMITTED) – Only for adults. Not for the children.
  • NR (NOT RATED) or UR (UNRATED)  are used when a movie is not submitted for the ratings and may contain some inappropriate content which may all the parents not like to get watched by their children.

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 Their goal is now to inform the public about the nature of the film.

  • To inform the parents about the content shown in the movie.
  • By the movies, age rating parents can decide what is good for their kinds and what is not.
  • To inform parents what are they allowing their children to watch.
  • To provide advance information for the parents about the movie. By the age ratings, parents can decide by themself that what is appropriate for their kids.
  • To allow parents to protect their children from inappropriate things.

What your children are watching can affect their social, emotional, and physical development. At a growing age, media can play a very important role in the development of a kid.

“Because we learn easily, what we see.”

Stay tuned to get more updates on the age rating of Overboard. You can read the complete information about the upcoming movies to reach theatres here. Any suggestions always welcome. Please make use of the comment box for your reviews.

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