Johnny Depp Finger wallpaper and images
Johnny Depp Finger wallpaper and images

Johnny Depp Finger

Johnny Depp has accused his ex-wife Amber Heard of cutting off the tip of his finger. The actor told the High Court that Ms. Heard his ex-wife, threw a vodka bottle at him which cut the top of his finger and crushed the bones. But, she denies injuring his finger.

What Happened With Johnny Depp’s Finger? 

Ms. Wass said that Mr. Johnny Depp had accused the actress of having affairs with her “leading man” while the couple was in Australia where he was filming one of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise in March 2015.

He then threw Ms. Heard against a ping-pong table and pushed her up against a fridge. Mr. Depp denied the allegation saying that after the incident where Ms. Heard threw the vodka bottle, the second vodka bottle at me, which severed the top of my finger and crushed the bones, that’s when I began what I feel was probably some species of a breakdown, a nervous breakdown or something.

Mr. Depp said he then began to write on mirrors and walls using the injured finger, saying that he “didn’t want to live at that time.

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