Johnny Depp 21 Jump Street

Director Christopher Miller reveals Brie Larson mistook Johnny Depp as an extra on the set of 21 Jump Street due to his biker costume. He agreed for his Cameo In 21 Jump Street Under One Condition.

Johnny Depp fascinates audiences with his performance as Officer Tom Hanson in the 1980s television series 21 Jump Street. But the actor made his exit from the show before its fifth and final season.

He returns to the role once more for a cameo in the overwhelmingly popular 2012 film reboot of the series.

Johnny agreed for his Cameo In 21 Jump Street Under One Condition

When the crew approached him about an appearance in the film, he told them that he would only return if DeLuise also returned so that the duo of Hanson and Penhall could be reunited. Thankfully, the filmmakers had been planning to get DeLuise on film.

Depp also wanted his scene in the movie to give a definitive end to his character in the franchise. Thus, the scene featuring Hanson and Penhall’s final stand was born.

While it’s a bit sad to think that Depp won’t be involved with future endeavors in the “21 Jump Street” universe, it was a treat to see him go out with a bang and with his old partner at his side.

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