Will Johnny Depp be in Pirates of the Caribbean 6

No, Johnny Depp further will not be the part of historical adventure series Pirates of the Caribbean 6. Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is in a difficult position.

The long-awaited 6 part of the historical adventure series Pirates of the Caribbean will not bring back Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow due to the actor’s ongoing personal struggles. For many of them, Depp’s Sparrow is the center of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, and thus the 6 movie part without him is of no interest.

Can fans bring back Johnny Depp

Although Pirates of the Caribbean 6 can bring back other characters, none of these stars hold as much power as the franchise’s audience of Depp’s Sparrow.

Johnny’s performance in the first movie of Pirates of the Caribbean made him a star overnight. And his popularity as Captain Jack continued to increase over the next few ‘Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

But things came to an came down after Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard had filed for divorce, accusing him of domestic abuse, through which Johnny would be banned from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

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