Child Abuse:

It is not just a word but the whole problem that a child faces in many ways that weakens them mentally and physically. It is not just about the black eyes; sometimes the signs are not obvious and not seen in the body, The marks are deep inside the heart. The biggest mistake that parents make were, making their child feel worthless and an idiot, They sometimes exploit the mental health of their child by themselves. Not only do they stop here, Sometimes the parents do put their children to be in a dangerous situation, They expose them to sexual situations too.

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It is undeniable the parents always want the best to happen with their child, but the thing is that they don’t realize what’s happening with their growing kids with or without them. They neglect their children’s Abuse to maintain their respect for their family and society. The profound emotional harm succeeds the Abuse to the child. Sometimes the parents want to help their kids to get out of any abuse, but their children don’t speak anything about what’s going on in their mind And try to face it all alone, which is next to impossible. 

How to protect your children from child abuse?

We can stop the Abuse immediately if we start Speaking about that, Then the Abuser himself will be ashamed of his deed in front of everyone, and he, too, never dare to do anything wrong with you ever again. It’s always better to talk things out other than keeping quiet on any topic. Child abuses are only the result of the negligence of a parent to his children and his children’s ignorance of their parents.

Child Abuse | How to protect child from child abuse? | 2021
Child Abuse | How to protect children from child abuse? | 2021

We must understand all of the visible points about the child’s Abuse, whether facts Or myths.

“Only the violent Abuse is the actual Abuse- Myth”
  • The fact is that it is just one type of Abuse and a widespread one. The actual hard Abuse is the Abuse that creates a mental and emotional imbalance in the children, And that can be much harder to handle. 
“This word is not for the good families-Myth”
  • Not true at all; it doesn’t happen in only the low-class low-income family, This can cross all the social and racial lines of the society too… 
“children abuser’s are primarily a stranger-Myth”
  • The reality is that the Abuser is mostly family members or someone very close to the family. The matter of fact is that the strangers will be abusers too.
“The children’s who have been abused one’s will grow to be an abuser soon-Myth”
  • In some cases, this will be Applicable, But in most cases, the abuse survivors will be a strong motivation for the people facing the same situations.

The aftereffects on people facing child abuse:-

 A long-lasting, deep scar is the result of these kinds of abuses, The pain and the stress will always be with them; the children face many problems throughout their lives. Sometimes the children also started feeling worthless, And as they start growing up, As a result of the mental stress and anger, they now really start neglecting their studies, and they also begin settling for low-paying jobs because they start ignoring their worth. The abused children face many problems, one of which is the lack of emotions or being emotionally vulnerable. They can’t express any of their feelings.

At what age can a child decide which parent to live with

Many types of child abuse can exploit a child’s present as well as their bright future, 

  •  Emotional Abuse, And this includes. Telling a child’s their bad habits, Calling them, they are worthless and stupid will attacks the children Emotionally.
  •  Neglecting the children, This is the most common type of child abuse that can have many uncommon and dangerous aftereffects on a child’s heart and mind.
  •  Physical Abuse, The Abuse that has its mark on the body and the soul of the child. There are no boundaries for the children’s pain. Sometimes this may be done by abusive parents, who do this to keep their son/ daughter in control, but sometimes this all goes wrong.
  • The most disgusting type of Abuse is Sexual Abuse, This type of Abuse is a shameless offense, and it’s very complicated in terms of its guilt, shame, and blame quotient.

 These types of victims are tormented mainly by the incident.

Time for some warning:

  • If the child is excessively withdrawn or anxious in behavior, then something is going wrong with them.
  • If they don’t show any interest in spending time with their family, it is also a sign of emotional stress due to emotional Abuse.
  • If the child has injuries on their body if they always behave like an alert person.
  • If they are becoming away from any touch and if they don’t want to go home. Then they must face some physical Abuse.
  • If the children started wearing improper clothes, If they show bad hygiene consistently.
  • If they always come late from school.
  • If we are talking about sexual abuse, then the trouble in walking and sitting will be the first sign of Sexual Abuse.
  • Make a solid effort to avoid someone or someplace.
  • Don’t even want to be part of any physical activity.
  • And always tried to stay alone and always ran away from home.

The methods by which parents can help their children to get rid of these abuses.

  • They can recognize what’s they are doing wrong to their children.
  • They can stop their anger or slowing their voice.
  • They can start Trying to talk to their children about what’s going on in their life.
  • They can begin developing new parenting skills.

 How to help the abuse victims?

  •   The parents can avoid the conflict and stay calm.
  • The parents shouldn’t interrogate their children’s denial.
  • Only parents can reassure their children that they don’t do anything wrong.
  • The parents can arrange to counsel and leave all of it to a professional.
  • If a parent sees the behavior change, they have to report it immediately; then, the child will be helped by a professional.


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