Parent child relationship building activities
Parent child relationship building activities

Parent Child Relationship Building Activities

Know Parent Child Relationship Building Activities. Just like every beautiful relationship, a parent’s child relationship is also important and it needs to be maintained because a good relationship between a child and parents is also important for a child’s mental and social growth.

It has been observed that, if a child is not having a good relationship with his/her parents like what he wants from his/her parents not only affect their childhood but their entire life. However, every emotion and feeling varies from individual to individual, not every individual reacts in the same manner to certain things.

Parent Child Relationship Building Activities | Activities to do with Kids

Childhood comes once only Parent Child Relationship Building Activities
Childhood comes once only Parent Child Relationship Building Activities

Here are few tips to build up a healthy relationship with your kids.

 Spend quality time with your kids

Grow plants together
Grow plants together

Whenever it comes to quality time first thing that comes to our mind that quality time with your husband or wife and girlfriend and boyfriend. But do you really think it is not important to spend some quality time with your Kids specialty when he/she is under the age of 14?

I will say yes, it is important so that whenever he/she will think about his/her childhood he/ she must have a lot of good memories with you. Especially when you have more than one kid because I have noticed whenever a couple has more than one child and that too of a similar age group the elder one always feels neglected, as a parent, you will never realize that your child is feeling neglected and your child will never share this to you, however, you can notice his/her behavior towards you and siblings, activities, routine, etc by which you may understand what is in his/her mind.

Grow some plant

If your child is interested in gardening just go with your kid and buy some plants and help them in planting, show interest in whatever he/she is doing, teach them the same.

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Help your child to complete their homework

Always help your children to complete their homework no matter your child is so intelligent to complete his/her work but at least show some interest in their life if you are busy still ask them a little about it ask if they need your help and also ask everyday to them about how was your day.


Ask about their interest like painting, craft, music, games, dance, etc…and get involved a little bit with them to do these activities so that they can feel more connected with you.

Hair Massage

A very small but the most effective way, oiling their hair and they will always feel very happy by this, you can try it sometimes and it is not for the age of 14 but it works in all age group no matters what is the age of your child he will always love this and will feel connected emotionally I still enjoy it when my mother do this for me.

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Healthy conversation

Take them for a walk and have healthy conversation
Take them for a walk

Have a healthy conversation with them ask them about their friends listen to their stories about their school and friends trust me at this age they have a lot of things to tell to share and always tell your kid that how much you love them.

Go for a walk

Take your kid for a walk and also go to the park with them it is a good quality time.

Play outdoor games

Play outdoor games with them trust me this is going to be the best time of your kid’s life and also of yours because this is the time to live your childhood again because age is just a number.

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Watch their favorite TV shows

Watch their favorite TV shows and movies with them if it is boring for you at least for a while so that your child can understand that you are interested in his/her life and you like everything about them.

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Go for a picnic

If you can not go out every weekend at least make a plan once a month with your kids and go to their favorite places it can be a good chance for you also for some change.

Cook together

Cook together is the best idea Parent Child Relationship Building Activities
Cook together is the best idea

You can cook together, try to include them in the meal preparation, and have food together It can be a great parent-child bonding activity you may have read it somewhere that “eating together increases love.”

Read stories

Read stories/books together. Till today I remembered those days when my mother used to tell us stories it makes me feel happy, and you can also share memories of your childhood.

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Share about your day

If your kid is asking you about your work or office don’t say that “you will not understand”, instead of saying that tell them about your work and everything no matter how much he will understand but it is important.

Pick them from school

Sometimes pick them from school before their bus timings and it will work as a wonder because by doing this you will get surprised your child.

Plan a surprise theme party for their birthday

If it is his/her birthday, try to plan a surprise theme party of their favorite cartoon or TV characters believe me it is really so much fun always try to enjoy your kid’s childhood because it is not going to return back for them and as well as you.

Prefer more outdoor activities
Prefer more outdoor activities

 Because Childhood comes once only, So make every moment precious with your kids
– Heena Akhtar

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Parent Child Relationship Building Activities | Activities to do with Kids

Prefer more outdoor activities
Feel more connected

Before becoming a parent be a best friend of your Kids-

  • Always listen to your child so that they can share their problems with you, give them time from your busy schedule so that they will not feel ignored. It is so important that your child share everything good or bad with you. For this, you have to gain their trust by do not overreacting when they are sharing something with you so that they can trust you because not every child wants to share his/her things with their parents because of fear or hesitation always try to make them understand as a friend, not with strictness or rules and regulation. Always remember that if you will overreact they will not come again to share their problems.
  • Try to understand that your thoughts can be different from theirs due to the age difference so do not expect your child to behave like you.
  • Your relationship should be such that your child should not hesitate before telling you anything he/she should openly share their problems with you but it’s up to you only to make such a bond.
  • “You are grown up do not behave like this” do not use these kinds of things again and again by doing this you will kill their childhood, do not expect them to behave maturely before the age.

Parent Child Relationship Building Activities are most important

Because Childhood comes once only

  • From my personal experience, I am saying that my mom is my best friend I can tell her anything about myself that no child can share with their parents and this is only because when I first told her something like that, after hearing that any parents would be very angry but my mother understood that from my level and very lovingly explained it to me, from that day I never hide anything from her.
  • Just for example if your child is asking your permission to go out with his/her friends and you will say no to them, do you really think from the next time they will ask for your permission? Instead of telling you, they will lie and you will never get to know where and with whom your children are going.
  • No matter what is your child’s age always show your love towards them.

Importance of Parent Child Relationship Building Activities

  •  It is important for their mental, emotional, and social well-being.
  • The relationship with their parents impacts building up their personality.
  • A good relationship with their parents makes a child more positive towards the world around him/her.
  • They will more able to regulate their emotions and stress with a healthy relationship with their parents.
  • It also affects their academic performance.

[bs-quote quote=”If one parent is strict with their children then the other one must be polite and soft-hearted towards their children.” style=”style-13″ align=”center” color=”” author_name=”My mother always says” author_job=”” author_avatar=”” author_link=””][/bs-quote]

Once your child will grow up he/she will get busy making their career or in studies far away from you so enjoy their childhood because it will not return back for them nor for you. So my dear readers this is the only time to make memories, this is the time to building up their personality and give them a happy positive mind. Hope we have delivered the best Parent Child Relationship Building Activities for you but if you think something is missing there or you have something more interesting to tell our readers, so you can write in the comment section.

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