Bull Review | Bull 2022 Movie Review
Bull Review | Bull 2022 Movie Review

Bull Review: Bull is a British revenge thriller movie releasing on April 1st, 2022 (United States). Bull is directed by Paul Andrews Williams and produced by Dominic Tighe, Sarah Gabriel, Marc Goldberg, Leonora Darby, and Mark Lane.

Bull is rated R for the content shown in the movie.

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Bull Synopsis

The movie is centered on a named Bull ( Neil Maskell), a former gang enforcer. Bull was a great man until an incident when he has to stand up against his boss and father-in-law.

He did so because he did not want to leave his son with his drug-addicted wife. He did all this just for the safety of his son. After being left for dead, Bull decided to exile for 10 years and suddenly returns in order to take revenge on everyone who has double-crossed him in the past.

Bull Review

Talking about “Bull Review”, this movie does not have anything different from the rest of the revenge movies. We must say, this movie has nothing apart from gut-wrenching violence and a compelling performance by Neil Maskell performance.

The story somehow manages to balance the present and the past. Initially, it looked a little weird but it gets better eventually. In the middle of the movie, it feels like the movie has lost its plot. Bull is a kind of movie that always keeps the audience disoriented and also gets confusing sometimes.

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The cinematography of Bull is done by Ben Chads and Vanessa Whyte and it was edited by James Taylor. This movie has a total running time of 88Minutes and it is officially distributed by Saban Films (North America).

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