On Breaking the Mystery Behind the Immense Success of the Squid Game
On Breaking the Mystery Behind the Immense Success of the Squid Game

Squid Game Netflix Series

This South Korean dystopian series is becoming the topic for discussion in the current time, Squid Game breaks all the popularity norms and becomes the audience’s favorite Netflix stream for 2021. Squid game rated TV-MA as the series not appropriate for the audience under the age of 17.

We are talking about the trend of 2021 about the squid game, The writer and director of this series is Hwang Dong Hyuk’s proposed this series, On breaking the mystery behind the immense success of the squid game.

Buzz Net release date on Netflix on September 17. This has now become the most popular series of this platform itself.

Actually, in the past few years, so many shows have become viral on this streaming platform of Netflix and get immense love of audiences and success, but this squid game is altogether a different kind of beast in terms of its popularity.

Squid game is a foreign language show, but it beat out the French show money Heist, popularity and came top on the list of Netflix most streamed shows. Most of the scenes and sequences of this series is getting praise from both critic and the audiences.

When Everything is said and done, flix’s greatest impactful pop culture is not allowing its binge-watch, but this series is becoming more and more in demand these days. The reason for this extreme popularity is the recipe off of Fame.

And this recipe is that that the show blanks the dystopian tale that is stepped in the Battle Royale in its very classic form and the genre of this media is also based on modern aesthetics and social commentary.

If we are going for others, then we can say that it is no wonder in the increasing popularity of this series today because this one deserves it all. Everything in this show is all about giving the best to the audience. From exploring the costumes to the jump shoot of the players and the children’s game. 

The cast of the show also features the established mixed Korean talents like Lee Jung- Jae and it introduces some fresh newcomers like Jung -Ho Yeon who played a role in this series as best as possible, even though it was the first time.

All Korean movie parasite wins the 2019 Oscar, and it is following the trend only for increasing it more, This squid game series is building on a socially conscious trend of making K Dramas more and more popular in the whole world.

At first, Netflix releases in few languages, but now it is released in almost all languages and available for all types of audiences. The squid game is not the first show to be popular this year, but it’s the first show to break the popularity targets of 2021.

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If something can do a great story plot full of good acting, then no one cares about its origin or language.  Its popularity is evidence for the fact that nowadays entertainment has no borders or boundaries or any language barriers.

A show like this meets just an excellent platform to be released on, and then it eventually starts creating magic among the viewers. It’s already got an 8.3 out of 10 IMDB rating.

Another reason for its popularity may be that it is similar to all the childhood games that we play in our childhood, like a color man, Red light Green light, and Statue, Marbles or Goti, last but not least, the title game itself or Chor police.

Indian Chor Police game is outdoor role-playing of a cop where children are divided into two teams won is of the cop, and other is of thieves, And the police have to chase the thieves and caught them when the cops have caught them, and then the game is over… 

The squid game is also showing a similar game in the series, and as it refers to our childhood memories which make it more and more acknowledged. 

This Netflix series is very much similar to the Bollywood movie Luck. Both the movies have almost the same plotline. 

Speed came is very popular in India also because the series shows the story of people in desperate need of money, and that is the rapid scenario of India too.

So the people can easily relate themselves to the characters of this series. 

On Breaking the Mystery Behind the Success of the Squid Game
On Breaking the Mystery Behind the Success of the Squid Game

This Netflix series has an age rating of TV-MA because of its intense scenes of violence and death in almost every episode is very popular in the world, and now it’s also ready for its next installment on public demand.

Let’s see if this popularity goes on or if some series will ever be capable of breaking its Fame. That’s all for now, stay updated to this website for more such information. 


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