Squid Game Review | 2021 Netflix Series Squid Game
Squid Game Review | 2021 Netflix Series Squid Game

Squid Game Review

This Netflix show will be all about the luck of those who play deadly games and risk their lives. Sometimes the people get that desperate, playing the death-cost kids games, and even after knowing this will have life and death consequences, and there is no exit after entering the game. But, They are doing it for fame… 

It is entirely on you, To stream it or not but This will be a fantastic series to watch, 

Let’s see why I am saying so :

The show will start with its opening shot: “A black and white scene of some kids playing a challenging game, having the name “Squid game”. The Squid Game name was given to the game because of its (squid )shaped game field. Then after a voice came over, and that of a grown-up, and he recalled the game rules, for all the players… 

The real charm of this story plot : 

 The story will revolve around Seong Gi -hun – Lee Jung -Jae, who lives with his mother, “Kim young -ok “.

That kid is very much broken when his mom has to give him money to take his daughter Ga-Yeong – Jo – A -to dinner, and he wants to gift her something special, so he borrows a little more money but then take it to a betting parlor, and he somehow manages to win that day. Still, some goons came in his way and descended him because he had lots of cash… 

Somehow he managed to escape from there, but a woman picked his pocket, in the way of him, running out of the goons. That lady is also in enormous misery… 

After signing a document that says, he will lose his kidney and eye in a month if he doesn’t pay, the thing that’s in his mind is that he has dinner with his daughter at a street food stand. She tries to tell him something but the person is busy giving a gun lighter as a present to her. Then after a beaten-up, Gi- hun meets a man in a suit i. e Gong you’re in a subway station. That man offers money if he wins a simple flip game he does that, but some twist is yet to come in the hero’s life. 

The older man again offers him to Join the full deadly game and earn as much money as he wants, At first, he resisted a little bit, but when he knows the news that his daughter is going to U. S and that to stay there with her stepmom and stepdad, then to keep her in this city, he needs lots of money so that he can prove that he can provide her all the facilities that she needs.

On Breaking the Mystery Behind the Immense Success of the Squid Game

Squid Game Review | 2021 Netflix Series Squid Game
Squid Game Review | 2021 Netflix Series Squid Game

He calls the man, he goes into a vav and then suddenly puts into a sleeping gas surviving task. After that, he became unconscious, and when he opened his eyes, he was with 455 green jogging suit wearers, each of them their number. The first game that he plays is ” Greenlight, Redlight.”

With an elementary yet not straightforward eliminating rule, in this game; “A massive child statue calls” Greenlight or Red light, “where whoever moves on to the red light will get ELIMINATED.’

The show will remind us of the Hunger Games mix with lots of black, grey, and white colors, but the environment is very much of Willy Wonka and the chocolate factories… 

My review for this k – drama :  

Squid Game is a Netflix’s k-drama, with nine episodes to showcase and all dropped at once. It will be a thrilling experience to watch the show coming and on its way. If you like to see the thrill and mysterious things that you are surely going to like this one also. Yeah but I got a little bored or it made me feel sick, not because the series was not worth watching but because I have seen the entire series in a day, please do not try this.

I know, no one has that time to spend the entire day just watching one Netflix series, so I was free that day and I thought to finish it in a day. The more you will see is blood all the time in every episode and will hear the voice of gunshots, bulletholes on the head, and other parts of the players. And a female player screams always, however she is the only one who will give you the chance to laugh sometimes while watching series.

I personally really liked the show but if you have watched season 1, you will surely wait for season 2 as the ending of season one only reveals the truth that who is behind the game and who is the leader, when Gi -hun asked the old man that why you made everyone to play this deadly game, he replied just for fun… Gi -hun wants to reveal the actual purpose behind this Squid Game, he wants to know that why their organizer even wants people to play this game, which will maybe reveal in season 2.

It is much similar to a previous show name “Sweet home,” 

It has a very tightly narrate narrative and a story that has a lot more not potential than just being a thrilling, unique, and exciting story, arranged with a very creative concept, with the trial of miracle games. The first episode is all about only giving the idea of the whole series… 

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It has a thrill of life and death. Who will be alive and who will die, who stays and who goes and how creepy the game gets as time passes…

Directed by Dong-hyuk Hwang, 

Writing credits goes to Dong-hyuk Hwang, 

 Squid Game cast list-

 Jung- Jae Lee, Hoyeon Jung, Edward hong, Yuuki luna, Daniel C, John D. Michael’s, Geoffrey Guiliano, Wi- ha loon, Lee Ji – ha, Hae- soo park, Heo Song tar, Last but not least, “Gong Yoo”… 

How to Watch Squid Game Online?

Squid game is available on Netflix, and it is dubbed in English and Hindi Language.

Netflix Series Squid Game will be a trip to thrill, and this streaming has all the potential that a show needs, to be a super hit show. 


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