Best Rated Movies on Netflix of All Time
Best Rated Movies on Netflix of All Time

When it comes to entertainment, we have numerous OTT platforms to watch our favorite movies, tv series, or cartoons. However, most of the platforms have their own programs that you can not watch on other platforms. There are very few programs available that are found on multiple platforms.

Best Rated Movies on Netflix of All Time

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms in the world with thousands of Movies, Web series, and kids’ programs of different genres and age groups.

Sometimes it becomes hard to find out the best movies to watch from their huge library. To ease your struggle we prepare lists of some of the top-rated movies on Netflix for different age groups and genres that are worth watching and sure to entertain you.

Best G Rated Movies On Netflix
Best PG-Rated Movies on Netflix
Best PG 13 Rated Movies on Netflix
R Rated Movies on Netflix
Good Movies for 12 Years Old on Netflix

Best Rated Movies on Netflix of Different Genres

Netflix has an impressive collection of the best movies that are worth watching. Whatever the mood you are in you can always find something to blast your mood every time and everywhere.

Best Rated Movies on Netflix
Best Animated Movies for Kids on Netflix
Best Biography Movies On Netflix
Best Documentaries On Netflix
Best Netflix Series Based on the Books
Best Netflix Movies based o True Stories
Best Horror movies on Netflix
Best Football Movies on Netflix
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Best Japanese Anime on Netflix
Best Rated Movies on Netflix

Best Rated Festivals Movies On

Best Family Thanksgiving Movies On Netflix
Best Halloween Movies for Kids on Netflix
List of Best Netflix Series

This list includes the best movies available on Netflix. As Netflix is a vast collection of movies there might be some more movies that we have missed here which we will include from time to time after watching some of them.

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