Adult Child and Parents Relationship
Adult Child and Parents Relationship

Adult Child and Parents Relationship

Adult Child and Parents Relationship

The parent-children relationships are bizarre, and it’s more complicated when it’s about adult child’s parenting. 

If the parents start supporting their children, trusting them, and showing love to them, Then all the abuse issues will vanish. And the children’s to Get some strength to talk this out to their parents. And not just want their support but also can ask for it without any fear. Points related to” Normal patent and adult-child relationship.”As we know, every parent is of a different type. Some are strict, Or some are very soft, and some are a bit ignorant. And just according to the kind of patent we get, we form the same type of relationship with them.

“Affirming words from moms and dads are like light switches. Speak a word of affirmation at the right moment in a child`s life and it`s like lighting up a whole roomful of possibilities.”

Gary Smalley

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Just imagine how painful this fact is to have a weird relationship with those people who brought you to this world.

But the fact of the matter is this condition occurs in every one or third house. There is a growing shift in the relationship of love and the amount of pure bond with our parents, no matter how much we like them, once we started feeling detached from them when they began being abnormal to us Like they started beating.

Their statement trying to make us feel worthless, they stopped showing any interest in our day-to-day silly talks. Instead of laughing with us, they started feeling embarrassed about our innocence. And when this behavior of our parents starts affecting us badly, we stop sharing our worries and problems with them, because of the irritation and the stress they always create…

And because of that, we started feeling alone. All the other people also think the same about the family.

A guide for all the children not to feel alone | Adult Child and Parents Relationship

Let’s see the key facts that cause the conflict between Adult Child and their parents:

  • I am close with my parents:

A child thinks they are just like my friends, but when they ask me if I’ll be able to pay my expenses or help me, this makes me feel useless and incompetent. And from there, an inner conflict between my mind and my heart started. A suitable boundary line is needed in every reaction, Too In the parents and children relationship.

To prevent this conflict, the children will have to talk it out. Talk to their mom and dad- when you guys ask me that you can help me for my living, that hurts me, I love you both, but when you say to do, it feels that you guys don’t trust me at all and do not have faith in me. Thanks for giving me advice about my career, but now that I can live the life I want, please have faith in me. I don’t want anything other than your love and support.

  • They are just like strangers for me:

This is another reason for the conflict; Sometimes your parents think just opposite to what you think, almost in every matter, You both have a different mindset and views towards life. Whenever you guys talk… you all talk just business. This is a disaster to occur in a children’s life, and They will never be able to share their fears with these types of parents. Only being unhappy about the distant relationship with your parents doesn’t resolve any of these issues.

At Least you guys have to try to feel empathy for each other. This can be a good start for all of you. Or you can also fix this by rebuilding your relationship with your parents. If nothing works, try to find the things you want from your parents by asking them directly.

  • I am always pissed off because of them:

Indeed, some children are continuously irritated by their parents. And the reason for that is only holding past grudges over them because somewhere they disappointed you as a parent, their lack of understanding of yourself hit you very hard. The first move anyone can take to fix this is by forgiving your parents for their past bad behavior to you. Try to forget the situation that you faced in your grown-up days. Talk your heart out in front of them if you do so. Then you get to know that the things that you remember every day are not even in the minds of your mom and dad. So stop punishing yourself and your parents too.

  • We can’t stand each other:

It’s the wrist case of this list, If your ambition is the black spot on their names, After that, the child has only the option to escape from their own house to fulfill their dreams. And after the elopement, the relationship between the child and their mom Dad will be as bad as worse.

This conflict takes time to be fixed, and This will only be decreased by age when we learn that we have to take our battles and accept our parents just like they are.

  • When the child is very much worried about their parent’s health and safety:

When the son or daughter insists his/her parents take their medicine on time or beg them to leave some unhealthy habit. Then a different type of conflict arises due to this overdose of love between children and their parents.

This will also be the same for parents to their children. Your relationship with your children can only be fixed after you Guys start talking daily and saying sorry whenever you nag each other with love.

  • What’s the conclusion:

The bottom line is that every family has its kind of love and relationship Between the family members, especially when it comes to parents and A grown-up kid. So if anything goes wrong, The parents can start talking to their child and appreciating their child, motivating them. And children can begin focusing on their life and career instead of trapping them in any loose stress or these stressful family matters…

In my opinion, “talking it out “is the best option to make the relationship between an adult child and their parents normal.

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“Don’t throw away your friendship with your teenager over behavior that has no great moral significance. There will be plenty of real issues that require you to stand like a rock. Save your big guns for those crucial confrontations.”
Dr. James Dobson

PCIT (Parents Child Interaction Therapy)  is the best way to interact with the parents and fill communication with their children.

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