You'll Never Find Me Parents Guide
You'll Never Find Me Parents Guide

You’ll Never Find Me is a horror-thriller 2023 movie directed by newcomers Indianna Bell and Josiah Allen. It’s their first film together, and Bell also wrote the screenplay.

TitleYou’ll Never Find Me
GenreHorror, Thriller
DirectorJosiah Allen, Indianna Bell
Runtime1h 36m
DistributorUmbrella Entertainment, Shudder


The film centers on Patrick, a recluse in a remote trailer park. His routine is disrupted when a mysterious young woman seeks shelter during a storm.

As tensions rise within the confines of his trailer, Patrick’s perceptions shift, leading to suspicion and paranoia.

You'll Never Find Me Parents Guide
You’ll Never Find Me Parents Guide

You’ll Never Find Me Age Rating

You’ll Never Find Me is rated MA15+ in Australia. This indicates the film is not suitable for younger kids.

Due to the mature themes and content, this film is recommended for viewers aged 17 and above.

Viewer discretion is advised. Parents are encouraged to preview the film and consider the maturity level of their children before allowing them to watch it.

You’ll Never Find Me Parents Guide

  • Violence: Blood is visible in numerous scenes, which may disturb some viewers.
  • Profanity: Characters use mild profanity throughout the film.
  • Alcohol Consumption: Characters are seen drinking alcohol casually in the movie.
  • Tobacco Use: There is one short scene featuring cigarette smoking.
  • Drug Use: A character drugs another with GHB, administering a large dose, which could be unsettling for some audiences.

Who is in the Cast?

  • Brendan Rock as Patrick
  • Jordan Cowan as The Visitor
  • Elena Carapetis as Women
  • Angela Korng as Dead Woman
  • Luca Trimboli as Caravan Park Kid
  • Finn Watson as Caravan Park Kid

Release Date

Blue Finch Films secured distribution rights outside Australia and New Zealand, while Umbrella Entertainment has them within.

Shudder obtained the rights for North America, Ireland, and the UK after its Tribeca Festival debut and will release the film in 2024.

Official Trailer

You'll Never Find Me | Official Trailer | Coming to Shudder

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