The Fox Parents Guide
The Fox Parents Guide

The Fox is a History War Film originally titled Der Fuchs, written and directed by Adrian Goiginger.

This film premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival and was released in Austria on January 13, 2023.

Greenwich Entertainment released The Fox in the United States on March 22, 2024.

TitleThe Fox
Original TitleDer Fuchs
CountryGermany, Austria
GenreHistory, War, Drama
Directed ByAdrian Goiginger
Film Run1h 58m
ProducerHana Geißendörfer, Malte Can, Peter Wirthensohn, Thomas Pridnig, Gerrit Klein, Adrian Goiginger, Peter Wildling, Martin Pfeil
ProductionGeissendoerfer Film & Fernsehproduktion KG, Lotus Film, Giganten Film Produktions GmbH, 2010 Entertainment
DistributorAlamode Film, Karma Films


This movie is about Franz Streitberger, a young soldier in World War II. At the start of the war, he finds a hurt baby fox and decides to take care of it like it’s his own child.

He brings the fox with him to France, which is controlled by the enemy.

Despite being unlikely, their friendship helps Franz face his past and the terrible things that happen during the war.

The Fox Parents Guide
The Fox Parents Guide

The Fox Age Rating

The Fox is rated MA15+ in Australia, 12 in Austria, Germany, and Spain, and 6+ in Taiwan.

The Fox is unsuitable for younger kids as it contains mature content. People under 17 should take advice of their parents or guardians before watching this film.

The Fox Parents Guide

  • Violence: The movie contains scenes depicting war violence, including many dead bodies shown on the battlefield, blood, and intense combat situations.
  • Drug Use: The soldiers are administered Pervitin, a drug used on the battlefield.
  • Alcohol and Tobacco Use: There are multiple scenes showing people drinking and smoking.
  • Emotional Intensity: The movie is described as intense and sad, potentially causing emotional distress for some viewers.
  • Disturbing Scenes: Franz finds a child’s body under war debris, which may be distressing for some audiences.

Who is in the Cast?

  • Simon Morzé as Franz Streitberger
  • Karl Markovics as Josef Streitberger
  • Adriane Gradziel as Marie (also credited as Adrianna Gradziel)
  • Joseph Stoisits as Leo
  • Marko Kerezovic as Anton Dillinger
  • Cornelius Obonya as Doktor
  • Felix Adams as Französischer Soldat
  • Joshua Bader as Maier
  • Alexander Beyer as Hauptmann Glück
  • Pit Bukowski as Jokesch
  • Maximilian Echtinger as Decker
  • Jannik Görger as Brückenwache Erich Voltz
  • Karola Maria Niederhuber as Liesl Streitberger
  • Maximilian Reinwald as Young Franz Streitberger
  • Patrick Simons as Kriegsfotograf

Official Trailer

The Fox Trailer #1 (2024)
The Fox Parents Guide

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