Yellowface Age Rating: Yellowface is a novel by R. F. Kuang, published in 2023. It’s a satire that pokes fun at how racial diversity is handled in the publishing world.

The book also explores social media, especially Twitter, in a unique way. This novel marks Kuang’s debut in literary fiction.

AutorR. F. Kuang,
GenreFiction, Thriller, Adult
No. of Pages336
PublishersWilliam Morrow
Yellowface Age Rating- Novel

Yellowface Age Rating

The age-appropriate for Yellowface is 16+ as it is an adult fiction novel, and it contains descriptions of racism, heavy alcohol drinking, offensive language, and sexual vulgarities.

Due to this content, the story would likely receive a high age rating or may be considered inappropriate for younger audiences.

Overall, the content and themes of the book should be considered when assessing its suitability for different audiences.

Yellowface Parents Guide

Check out the content guide below to learn if the novel named Yellowface is appropriate for your kids or not.


The story contains explicit and highly offensive language, including foul language and profanity, such as the “f-word” and “s-word.”

It may be more suitable for mature or adult readers who are comfortable with and can handle explicit language and offensive content.

Generally, content with such language and themes would likely warrant an “adult” or “mature” rating, emphasizing the need for discretion and suitability for a more mature audience.

Sexual Content

The book briefly mentions an intimate relationship involving Athena but doesn’t delve into explicit details about sexual relationships.

Instead, it touches upon June’s feeling of an urge to kiss Athena when they are drunk.

However, the book mentions romantic or intimate connections between characters; it does not extensively explore or describe the sexual aspects of these relationships.

What is the Novel about?

The story follows June Hayward, an aspiring writer who witnesses the death of Athena Liu, a popular Chinese-American author.

June, wanting success, takes advantage by editing and re-writing Athena’s manuscript about Chinese laborers in World War I.

As she alters more of the draft, June feels it’s her own and publishes it under an Asian-sounding name, Juniper Song, using racially ambiguous author photos to avoid controversy.

However, when the book becomes a hit, June faces accusations of cultural appropriation and plagiarism on Twitter, causing ongoing controversy around her newfound success.


I love reading R.F. Kuang’s books, and without a doubt, this book is the best among all of her works. The concept was completely unique and original, and I had never come across anything like it before.

I was fascinated by all the buzz surrounding it, but after reading it, I can confidently say that it was an incredibly enjoyable experience!

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