When Does Halo Episode 2 Come Out? Halo Episode 2 is all set to release on March 31st, 2022. It will release on Paramount+. After watching episode one of Halo, everyone is quite excited for episode 2.

In this episode, it can be expected that the real identity of the child that the master chief saw in the first episode will be revealed in front of the audience. People love the Series you can check the review of the Halo TV Show review.

When Does Halo Episode 2 Come Out

Other than this, the episode is also likely to show the fate of Kwan as the Master Chief decided to keep her alive by going against the order of the UNSC. UNSC wanted to kill Kwan but Master Chief may be having some other plan for her.

When Does Halo Episode 2 Come Out Halo TV Show 2022 Release date S1 E2
When Does Halo Episode 2 Come Out? Halo TV Show 2022 Release date S1 E2

In episode 2, the audience can also expect to get deeper information about Covenant and also some unknown facts about its mythology too.

When Does Halo Episode 2 Come Out
  • Episode 1: Thursday, March 24th
  • Episode 2: Thursday, March 31st
  • Episode 3: Thursday, April 7th
  • Episode 4: Thursday, April 14th
  • Episode 5: Thursday, April 21st
  • Episode 6: Thursday, April 28th
  • Episode 7: Thursday, May 5th
  • Episode 8: Thursday, May 12th
  • Episode 9: Thursday, May 19th

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How Many Episodes of Halo are Left?

The team behind Halo already made it clear that Halo will have a total of 9 episodes and released episode 1 on the 24th of March. Following is the schedule of the upcoming Halo episodes:

when do halo episodes 2 come out?

Halo Episode 2 come out on March 31st, 2022.

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