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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a bundle of movies. What if…? is technically based on an Avengers tie-in comic from 2012, Marvel’s The Avengers Prelude: Fury’s Big Week. One of the most awaited Marvel’s TV-Show What if is on air now. So read the full Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 2 Breakdown of the film.

Most probably we’ll see the story about Doctor Strange in this episode. If you remember in 2016 Doctor Stranger goes to Kamar Taj to learn magic so that he can heal his hand that was badly fractured in a car accident, but here Doctor Strange will master magic for some other reason.

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Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 1 Breakdown | What if Age Rating (2021)
What if Wallpaper and Images

In the trailer we can see Doctor Strange is wearing the same suit which he wore during his accident so the focus will be on his accident but perhaps this time it will be something different, maybe this time his love interest Christine Palmer will also be there along with him but instead of Stephen Strange, Christine Palmer may get severely injured. In some scenes after the incident, we can see his hands are perfectly fine but there are some small bruises.

And we can also observe that because of his reckless driving he’s unable to forgive himself. He’s feeling guilty for Christine’s death and because of this, he’ll learn magic so that he can cure her or see her alive.

And if we pay attention then we’ll see he is in his actual costume and he had the Eye of the Agamotto but he uses the Eye of Agamotto to go back on the day of his accident but it looks like he couldn’t save Christine even after going back to the past and it seems like he has tried saving her numerous time but he couldn’t. And maybe his desire and guilt to save have been sensed by someone else.

And whoever is this another entity is an evil person. If you’ve watched the Ghost Rider story, this almost similar Johnny Blaze was trying to save his father and in return made a deal with the evil, so here it seems that some demon figure can take advantage of Doctor Strange’s current situation.

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Later we see Stephen Strange falling into a void, this could be another dimension where he has been pulled into. Then we see Doctor Strange in his clothes with a mysterious character, and whoever this character is will motivate him to learn different types of magic so that Christine might come back.

And the place where this mysterious character and Stephan are looks like a library because in the next scene we can see strange surrounder with various books, and this place including these books could be related to dark magic because later in another scene we see Doctor strange performing a spell from one of these books. 

Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 4 Breakdown Age Rating JUJU
Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 4 Breakdown Age Rating JUJU

There is a possibility that both the shots are different and from different periods but in both scenes, the actions of Doctor Strange are quite similar.

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Maybe all this time he was performing the same spell that’s why the dark energy must have dominated him, as a result, his appearance has also turned dark. And here you can also see that the energy that is being generated by the magic of Doctor Strange is dark and when this scene widens up we can see a lady beside Doctor Strange who could be Christine Palmer whom he’s resurrecting and as much energy he’s producing its visible in the back how destructible it is.

So does it mean Doctor Strange in the new movie ( Spiderman: New Way Home) is the manifest because this Doctor Strange still has the Eye of Agamotto and also the one in spider man new way home, which was destroyed in the main MCU timeline, as we have already seen in the trailer that the evil Doctor Strange fights with the one of the main timeline so maybe in their battle the main Timeline Doctor Strange loses and he might be imprisoned by the evil Doctor Strange. So this might be the reason that after the end game we haven’t seen the involvement of Doctor Strange in any of the later episodes.

Marvel What if Season 1 Episode 4 Breakdown Ending 

At first, we see him with Captain Carter and then with Party Thor, this means he is going to be in multiple episodes. Additionally, there are high chances that Captain Carter and Party Thor might belong to another universe. So this means this evil Doctor Strange can travel anywhere in the multiverse.

We don’t know why he goes to meet these alternate avengers but in another shot, we can see Captain Carter and Party Thor altogether with T Chala and Gamora in an avenger style shot, now what’s the role of Doctor Strange in this, we’ll get to know after seeing this episode. But there is a possibility that evil Doctor Strange is somewhere connected in assembling all these avengers. 

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