The Walk Trailer Breakdown | The Walk 2022 Film
The Walk Trailer Breakdown | The Walk 2022 Film

The Walk Trailer Breakdown: In this article, we are presenting you with The Walk Trailer Breakdown. It is an upcoming drama that is set in the 1970s during the court-ordered forced integration of the Boston school system.

The theme of this movie is the tension that is caused by inviting black students to occupy the same schools as white people. This film is considered to be a harsh reminder of racial discrimination still present in the U.S.

The Walk Trailer Breakdown

The trailer of the film takes the viewers back to 1974 at the time when Judge Wendell Arthur Garrity Jr. required the system of Boston’s school to be desegregated by law. This demand of Judge Wendell forced Race-integration busing for Black and white neighborhoods. The result of this action came out as a series of protests and escalated the interracial violence in the region.

Later, in the trailer, white inhabitants are seen making complaints about the inclusion of Black students in their children’s schools. The film is set in the middle of a chaotic situation and it follows Boston Irish cop Bill Coughlin (Justin Chatwin).

Bill is assigned to protect Black high school students who are present in all-white neighborhoods. As per the trailer, the job of Bill forced him to reflect on the issue of segregation. The Walk will be officially distributed by Vertical Entertainment.


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