The Viscount Who Loved Me Summary- The Viscount Who Loved Me is a book written by Julia Quinn. Julie Pottinger is better known by her pen name Julia Quinn.

Julia Quinn is a best-selling American historical romance author. Her Bridgerton series of books has been adapted for Netflix by Shonda Rhimes under the title Bridgerton.

The Viscount Who Loved Me Summary

The story begins with Anthony Bridgerton who decided to marry. He suffers from a fear of falling in love as he believes he will die young, and cannot be able to bear the loss of his loving wife. His desire to marry only stems from a need to produce.

Anthony has his eyes on Edwina Sheffield, the diamond of the season. However, his plans to marry her are destroyed by her sister, Kate Sheffield, who does not think him good enough for her sister.

Kate falls in love with Anthony but realizes that she cannot have him. Instead, she gives him permission to marry her sister. The two were caught in a compromising position by the public, forcing them to get married. Anthony tells Kate that they can only be friends who are married, and he cannot ever love Edwina.

This all changes when Kate is in a carriage accident. Anthony believes that she is dying, he confesses his love for her and tells her he only pushed her away out of fear of losing her by dying early like his father. The Viscount Who Loved Me Summary-It turns out Kate only has a broken leg and she and Anthony live happily ever after.

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