The Last Wish Parents Guide

The Last Wish is the first of the two from the collections of fantasy genre short stories written by Polish fantasy writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The original Polish edition was published in 1993 and in 2007 the first English edition was published. The book has been translated into several other languages. The short stories are the very first collection of The Witcher Book Series.

The short stories are a collection during the time when Geralt of Rivia resting in the temple after having been injured in battle and he has flashbacks to the recent events of his life, collection of the flashback about his recent life is a short story.

The collection contains seven short stories interspersed with a continuing frame story, During that time he has flashbacks to recent events in his life, with each flashback forming a short story. There are two books of short stories

1. The Last Wish,

2. Sword of Destiny, and these two books preceding main The Witcher Saga.

The Last Wish Age Rating

We will recommend an age rating of 18+ for the readers of  “The Last Wish” by Andrzej Sapkowski. This book contains several sexual scenes, some profanity, rape, murder, etc… not appropriate and also not easy to understand for children. 

The Last Wish Parents Guide | (Book 1993)
The Last Wish Wallpaper and Images
Book NameThe Last Wish
Original TitleOstatnie życzenie
WriterAndrzej Sapkowski
GenreFantasy, Fiction
Recommended Age Rating18+
 PublishedJanuary 31, 1993
No. of Page360

The Last Wish Parents Guide

Profanity and abusive words are used in the book.
Violence, suicide, people killed by monsters, murders, a few reports of rape or attempted rape.
War, fights, deaths, details about injuries, few fights with swords and magic with bloody injuries and deaths.
Sexual content and nudity are also described in the book, with characters kissing sometimes also naked characters.
Violence, suicide, people killed by monsters, murders, and a few reports of rape or attempted rape.
In one part of the book, a man is talking in his sleep that how beautiful a woman’s breasts are.
The sexual relationship between brother and sister.
 A naked woman has been tortured by some men.
Sexual jokes and sexual pictures are also available in the book.
Massive sexual content is available in the book.

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The Last Wish (short stories) Geralt of Rivia, is THE WITCHER A cunning sorcerer. A merciless assassin. And a cold-blooded killer. His sole purpose in life is: to destroy the monsters that were harmful to the world. But not everything monstrous-looking is evil and not everything fair is good. . . and in every fairy tale, there is a grain of truth. [Source: Publisher (Orbit)]

Chronology of the Storie of The Last Wish 

The Witcher (Wiedźmin) After seeing an advertisement for Witchers, Geralt came to Wyzim. 14 years ago the prince’s daughter died but after 7 years she rose from her grave as a monster and since then she was terrorizing everyone.

Now the king is searching for someone who will save her daughter and return to him as he does not want anyone to kill his daughter as she was a monster now. Geralt will be the one who will save that 14 years girl and restore her.

A Grain of Truth (Ziarno prawdy) Nivellen was the son of a wealthy thief. As soon as his father died in a revenge attack, He had taken control of his father’s gang. As he was very young, other gang members took over his leadership and extended the heinous crimes.

At one point, they compelled Nivellen to rape a priestess. So in return, the priestess cursed Nivellen to look like a monster. Now Nivellen lives with the Geralt whom he used to consider Rusalka, known as a sea creature and the one who dislikes humans.

However, that creature is vampiric Bruxa, and he wants to turn Nivellen into a monster so they both can be the king of the forest. But the Bruxa was defeated by Nivellen, Geralt, and Nivellen returned to their human form again.

The Lesser Evil (Mniejsze zło)- Geralt used to know a wizard known as Stregobor, and he ran into it. The wizard was hiding from Renfri, known as a brutal assassin. Stregobor identified Renfri as a mutant When Renfri was a child ‘ guided by the prediction of the magic mirror.

Renfri was ordered to death by his stepmother, but Renfri escaped from there, and she took revenge on everyone, who was involved the only Stregobor was left. She and her gang plan to hostage the town’s people until Stregobor goes to the protected tower and comes to face Renfri.

Geralt makes a plan and defeats Renfri and her gang. Geralt attacks and swiftly kills each mercenary. But the people of the town were horrified by his actions, and they move forward from that point, and later Geralt has been known as THE BUTCHER of Blaviken.

A Question of Price (Kwestia ceny) There was 15 birthday dinner of Princess Pavetta, of Cintra Geralt also attends the dinner. At the dinner, the queen tells him that he has to ensure that her daughter’s intended marriage alliance takes place.

Just before midnight, a knight named Urcheon wearing a helmet arrives to claim that he has a right to marry and said Pavetta is his own. Urcheon was cursed to look like a hedgehog.

As he saved Pavetta’s father years ago, under the Law of Surprise he has the right to marry Pavetta. But the queen does not want her daughter to marry a stranger. Queen gives an order to Urcheon to remove his helmet and everyone gets shocked as his face is looking like a beast.

But Pavetta accepts the proposal to marry Urcheon everyone gets shocked. Queen’s soldiers attack Urcheon but Geralt saves him.

Pavetta gets provoked by this attack and her latent powers reveal she started to destroy everything in the castle but Geralt and Eist’s druid councilor, Mousesack, manage to subdue her. Later she tells everyone that she and Urcheon already know each other and they loved each other.

When Pavetta approaches him, Urcheon transforms into a man named Duny. Now Calanthe, the queen agrees to their marriage. As Geralt saves his life, Urcheon offers him the Law of Surprise as payment, the same law which gave Duny his claim to Pavetta’s hand, and tells that Pavetta is pregnant and he requests to take their child to raise as a witcher by Geralt.

The Edge of the World (Kraniec świata) – Soon Dandelion and Geralt’s friend arrive. They were discussing that in modern times the Witcher profession is losing value.

They are not getting work in Upper Posada. Geralt refuses to work for the local’s tales of superstition because his job was to kill monsters, not for superstitions. 

When they were moving on to Lower Posada, a local carter named Nettly overtook them and promises that there is work for all of them. One older person named Dhun tells about “Devol,” who was a problem for the town, but anyhow and under any circumstances, he does not want Devol (a creature) to be killed.

When Geralt and Dandelion confront the “Deovel,” they find that the creature resembles a goat walking on two legs. Some words of Dandelion provoke the devil Devol to hurl iron balls and drive them away. 

Later Geralt and Dandelion are taken to the mountain at Aen Seidhe elves, with whom the Sylvan Torque is taking refuge. 

Filavandrel, the leader of the elves’ orders them executed, but the Queen of the Fields makes an entrance. While Filavandrel communicates with the legendary Queen (telepathically), Torque frees Geralt and Dandelion.

Filavandrel said he would meet Geralt again in battle, and Geralt assured him that he’ll do his best. Here the end Geralt, Dandelion, and Torque sit around a campfire, wondering where to go next.

The Last Wish (Ostatnie życzenie)- is the final full chapter, which begins with an encounter with a Djinn that injured Dandelion. Geralt takes him to see the magician Yennefer in a nearby town. Yennefer treated Dandelion and heals his wounds, but as payment she wants Geralt to capture the djinn.

Geralt denies but Yennefer, by her supernatural powers, makes him attack some town councilors as she wants revenge from them for their attacks on her character. She tries to capture the djinn but the djinn fights back and starts to destroy the town.

Geralt realizes he can use the djinn’s wishes, and he uses his last wish to save Yennefer. Their fates are bound together. This is the beginning of a stormy relationship.

The Voice of Reason (Głos rozsądku)-  In this part, Geralt and Dandelion finally leave the temple, but Falwick and Tailles, and soldiers stop them. Dennis Cranmer and the dwarf captain of the prince’s guard were also with them.

The knights outline Geralt, and the situation is unwinnable for him. They told him that he must accept Tailles’ first challenge but can not harm Tailles, or else he’ll be killed. 

Geralt accepts the challenge but creates a situation in which, Tailles’s own blade bashes him in the face. He saves himself from the punishment as he did not harm Tailles to win the challenge. Then Dennis permits Geralt to leave and hopes to meet Geralt again in the future.

 Falwick is not happy with this, and Geralt asks if the knight is ready to accept a challenge from Geralt or find some similar way to avoid it. Falwick remains silent, and Geralt congratulates him for listening to “the voice of reason.

While Geralt was leaving accidentally, he touches Iola’s hand. Geralt, Iola, and Nenneke see a bloody and violent vision of Geralt’s future. Geralt dismisses the concept, claiming to have seen it before, and says goodbye to Nenneke.

Major Characters of The Last Wish

  • Geralt of Rivia, also known as Monsters Hunter, THE WITCHER
  • Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon
  • Yennefer of Vengerberg
  • Dandelion is a poet
  • Triss Merigold of Maribor


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