Modern technology is spreading over the past several years. Netflix’s upcoming Docuseries The Future Of explores surprising predictions about augmented reality, wearable tech, and other innovations that will impact our lives in the future.

The Future Of Release Date

Netflix has already released the official trailer and poster of the series which is going to be released on June 21, 2022, on Netflix.

The series will explore many possibilities in different fields and show what could happen in the future with the technology.

‘The Future Of’ Trailer Explained

The trailer offers us the opportunity many to see unexpected advanced and innovative technology.

Some of them already exist in the world and some of them are totally hypothetical. It explores an app using that humans can understand what a dog is trying to communicate, love meter, replace phones entirely with AR glasses, a future with a digital afterlife, and much more.

The trailer shows a group of people discussing different advances and sharing their excitement about the future that may get changed with new technologies. Watch the trailer below:

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