The Cruel Prince Parents Guide

The Cruel Prince of Holly Black is the first book in the series of THE FOLK OF THE AIR. It follows Jude Duarte, a mortal girl living in Elfhame, a faerie world. Swept against her will to Elfhame, Jude must adapt to living alongside powerful creatures with a deep disdain for humans and a penchant for violent delights while also figuring out her feelings for faerie prince Cardan Greenbriar.

The Folk of the Air is a young adult fantasy book series by Holly Black  Published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers.

The Series of the books under The Folk of the Air are:

  • The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air) Book 1. …
  • The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air #2) Book 2. …
  • The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air #3) Book 3. …

How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories (The Folk of the Air series): The perfect gift for fans of Fantasy Fiction. Novella.

The Cruel Prince Age Rating

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black is age-rated for the ages between 14+. The content in this book may be inappropriate for the age group under 14.

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The Cruel Prince Parents Guide | The Cruel Prince Parents Guide
The Cruel Prince Parents Guide | The Cruel Prince Age Rating

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Book Name The Cruel Prince
Author Holly Black
Genre Fantasy
Series The Folk of the Air#1
Recommended Age Rating 14+
Followed by The Wicked King
 Date of Publication 2nd January 2018
No. of Page 370
Publisher Little Brown Books for Young Readers


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The Cruel Prince Parents Guide 

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It includes very mild romance like kissing only.
There are some frequent bloodshed scenes in the story, violence is included in it.
There might be strong language in it.
The content in this account is a perfect fit for the age group of 14 and up as the book is all about fantasy that mature will find interesting.
In the storyline, weapons can be encountered.
The characters in this account are complicated, imperfect, and sometimes accountable for hateful acts.


The Cruel Prince Summary

Jude Duarte and her sisters were separated by their parents at an early age when she was seven, her parents were killed by Madoc. Madoc takes Jude, her twin sister Taryn Duarte, and her older half-sister Vivienne to Elfhame. In Elfhame, they are raised among the high society by him and his wife Oriana alongside Oriana’s son Oak. Jude aspires to be a knight in order to become a permanent member of the Court, but Madoc forbids her. Cardan Greenbriar, the youngest son of King Eldred, hates Jude and often bullies her at school with his friends.

Cardan’s older brother Dain offers Jude the chance to be his spy in exchange for being glamour except his. Jude accepts and she appoints for her first mission at Prince Balekin’s home Hollow Hall, Jude steals a copy of Alice in Wonderland and she also finds a letter from Orlagh, the Queen of the Undersea, and Nicasia’s mother, in which the whole plan to kill Dian by blusher mushroom. She also witnesses  Balekin beat Cardan in a swordfight and lash him with his belt for not killing a human servant.

Jude encountered the other members of the Court of Shadows: the Bomb, the Roach, and the Ghost. Later, after returning back home, she found a piece of paper under the book in which Cardan wrote her name all over it.

On one mission, Jude attempts to free a human girl named Sophie, but Sophie commits suicide. Dain comes to know that she stabbed Valerian and is not happy with her for acting foolishly. He forces her to stab her hand. That night, Valerian tries to kill her in her bedroom, instead, she killed him. Soon she and the Ghost kill a messenger, who turns out to be one of Madoc’s spies in costume.

Before the crowning, Madoc gives Jude a sword made up by her biological father.

At the coronation, Balekin and Madoc stage a deed that kills the entire royal family except for Cardan. Jude and Cardan escape to the Court of Shadows headquarters, where Cardan tells her, the Roach, and the Ghost that Dain killed a child he had with Eldred’s consort. He did so because of a prophecy saying if the child lives he would never be king.

Madoc lectures Jude and tells her if she returns to Cardan she can have anything in return. He also mentions a banquet held by Balekin. Vivi asks Jude if she wants to move to the human world again.

Soon Jude comes to know that Dain and Liriope have a child Oak through which Madoc wants to rule. She later examines Cardan and kisses him. She makes a plan to crown Oak and Cardan swears himself to her for a year and a day.

On the day of the banquet, Jude and Madoc fight over the crown. Jude manages to win by poisoning Madoc’s wine. However, it turns out that Jude has Oak crown Cardan so he can be her puppet king.

Characters of The Cruel Prince

  • Jude Duarte: High Queen of Elfhame
  • Cardan Greenbriar: High King of Elfhame
  • Madoc: Former Grand General of Elfhame
  • Taryn Duarte: Eva and Justin’s daughter; Jude’s twin sister
  • Vivienne “Vivi” Duarte: Jude and Taryn’s half-sister
  • Oriana: Eldred’s former lover
  • Oak Greenbriar: Liriope and Dain’s son
  • Locke: Elfhame’s former Master of Revels
  • Nicasia: Princess of the Undersea
  • Balekin Greenbriar: Former ambassador of the Undersea
  • Orlagh: Queen of the Undersea; Nicasia’s mother
  • Van aka The Roach: Member of the Court of Shadows
  • Liliver aka The Bomb: Member of the Court of Shadows
  • Garrett aka The Ghost: Member of the Court of Shadows
  • Grima Mog: Former general of the Court of Teeth
  • Dain Greenbriar: Taniot and Eldred’s son
  • Lady Asha: Eldred’s consort; Cardan’s mother
  • Valerian: Cardan, Locke, and Nicasia’s former friend

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