The Contractor Review | The Contractor 2022 Film
The Contractor Review | The Contractor 2022 Film

The Contractor Review: The Contractor is an action-thriller movie releasing on April 1st, 2022. It is directed by Tarik Saleh and produced by Basil Iwanyk and Erica Lee.

The Contractor is rated R for the content shown in the movie.

The Contractor Synopsis

The movie revolves around a discharged US Force sergeant James Harper ( Chris Pine) and covers everything that happened to him after his involuntary discharge from his job. After his discharge, James decided to work for a private organization in order to support his family as he has no idea of the danger associated with that job.

The Contractor Review

The Contractor has managed to attract the attention of the audience, thanks to Chris Pine. This movie is basically made for the people who enjoy this genre, who like action scenes and tense shootouts.

In this movie, Pine is playing the role of James. James is a former Green Beret who has previously worked for the US govt in Afghanistan and Iraq. James was discharged from his job and due to this, he felt betrayed by his own govt.

In order to support his family, James decided to work for a private organization where he got some assistance from his friend named Mike. The initial part of the movie focuses on James and his attachment to his job in the military.

Talking about “The Contractor Review”, the movie is very beautifully cast. Apart from that, the movie has a great storyline that has the capacity to amaze the audience. The movie is framed in such a way that it never gets confusing or boring.

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The cinematography of The Contactor is done by Pierre Aim and edited by Thesis Schmidt. This movie has a total running time of 1Hour, 43Minutes and it is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

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