Terry Wayne Wallis News 2022
Terry Wayne Wallis News 2022

Terry Wayne Wallis who spent almost 19 years in a coma died at the age of 57 on March 29, 2022. Tarry Wayne Wallis survived a deadly car crash in 1984 and slipped into a coma.

Terry spent 19 years of his life still without any motion. The family members lost almost every hope for Terry coming back into life. But a miracle happened, 19 years after the accident Terry Wayne Wallis in June 2003, opened his life and stunned everyone around him.

Terry Wayne Wallis Coma

The first word Terry said was “Mom” and then his favorite drink “Pepsi”. His family was over the moon when they got the news that Terry is finally out of the coma. Terry was driving with his friend when they met with this tragic accident.

“It’s been hard dealing with it. It’s been hard realizing the man I married can’t be there,” said his wife Sandi. {Source: Google.com}

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