A Nostalgic Summer Adventure, Snack Shack, is a comedy film written and directed by Adam Rehmeier. The film’s story is set in Nebraska City in 1991.

TitleSnack Shack
DirectorAdam Rehmeier
Release DateMarch 15, 2024
CountryUnited States
DistributorRepublic Pictures

What is it about?

The film follows two best friends in a small town called Nebraska City. They unexpectedly win the opportunity to run the local swimming pool’s snack shack for the summer.

Snack Shack Age Rating

MPA: Snack Shack is rated R for pervasive language, alcohol and drug use, some sexual material, and smoking – all involving teens.

Snack Shack is restricted to be viewed by kids below the age of 17.

Parents should be aware of the level of sexual content portrayed and consider whether it aligns with their child’s maturity level.

Snack Shack Parents Guide and Age Rating

Snack Shack Parents Guide

Language: Strong language, including expletives and offensive terms, is frequently used throughout the film.

Alcohol and Drug Use: Teen characters are depicted consuming alcohol and using drugs. Scenes may include underage drinking, drug experimentation, and substance abuse.

Sexual Material: The film features some sexual content involving teenage characters. This may include suggestive dialogue, sexual innuendos, and scenes depicting intimate behavior.

Smoking: Characters are shown smoking cigarettes or engaging in other forms of tobacco use.

The depiction of smoking behaviors may serve as an opportunity for parents to discuss the risks and consequences associated with tobacco use.

Who is in the cast?

Conor SherryA.J.
Nick RobinsonShane
David CostabileJudge
Gillian VigmanJean
Mika AbdallaBrooke
Gabriel LaBelleMoose
JD EvermoreBill Workman
Steve BergLester
Michael BoniniRandy Carmichael
Christian JamesRodney Carmichael
April ClarkLeah
Amber PaulDMV Clerk
Kate Robertson PryorSherry
Shannon MosleyMale Chaperone
Gregg GilmoreGambleholic
Dawson MullenJeff Bravo
Charles CohenDuff Warfield

When is the release?

Snack Shack is releasing Nationwide in 2024 on Friday, March 15, 2024.

Snack Shack | Official Red Band Trailer | Paramount Movies

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