Amelia's Children Parebts Guide and Age Rating
Amelia's Children Parebts Guide and Age Rating Credit: IMDB

Amelia’s Children is a Thrilling Horror Mystery film written and directed by Gabriel Abrantes.

Amelia’s Children premiered at various international film festivals throughout 2023 after it premiered in Portugal on January 18th, 2024.

TitleAmelia’s Children
GenreHorror, Mystery, Thriller
DirectorGabriel Abrantes
Runtime1h 31m
Country Portugal
LanguageEnglish, Portuguese
DistributorsFrance (Theatrical release – 2024): Le Pacte
Non-US territories (2023): Goodfellas (Sales Representatives / ISA)


Edward was looking for his real family. He was in a big house up in the mountains of North Portugal with his girlfriend, Ryley.

After so long, He was excited to meet his mom and twin brother. He wanted to know where he came from.

But things changed as the story went on. Edward found out his family had a big secret. This secret confused him about who he was and where he belonged.

Amelia's Children Parents Guide
Amelia’s Children Parents Guide

Amelia’s Children Age Rating

Amelia’s Children is rated M/16 in Portugal. The film is not suitable for younger kids as some of its content can be disturbing for sensitive viewers.

It’s important for parents to consider the genre (horror) and potentially disturbing themes before deciding if Amelia’s Children is OK for kids or not.

Amelia’s Children Parents Guide

  • Films with a unique setting and cultural exploration (Northern Portugal).
  • The film includes moments of suspense and terror, with characters facing dangerous situations that may disturb younger viewers.
  • Frightening scenes: Mountain Secrets features numerous frightening and suspenseful scenes that may be too intense for younger audiences. These scenes include jump scares, disturbing imagery, and psychological horror elements that could leave a lasting impact.

Parental Guidance Suggested

Due to its intense and frightening content, “Mountain Secrets” is recommended for mature audiences aged 17 and above.

Parents are advised to consider the film’s themes and level of violence before allowing younger viewers to watch, and discretion is advised.

It may be helpful for parents to watch the film first to determine its suitability for their children.

Who is in the Cast of Amelia’s Children

  • Brigette Lundy-Paine as Riley
  • Carloto Cotta as Ed
  • Anabela Moreira as Amélia (velha)
  • Alba Baptista as Amélia (nova)
  • Rita Blanco as Sra. Vieira
  • Beatriz Maia as Filha da Sra. Vieira
  • Nuno Nolasco as Anfitrião Companhia Aérea
  • Sónia Balacó as Advogada
  • Ana Tang as Advogada
  • Valdemar Santos as Amigo da Sra. Vieira
  • Linda Ferreira as Dupla de Amélia

Amelia’s Children Official Trailer

Amelia's Children - Official Trailer (2024)

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